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After several weeks of bombastic statements that have shown that the relationship between Movistar, Inter and Ricardinho has cooled down a lot, almost to the point of breaking, the owner of the madrid club, the veteran journalist Jose Maria Garcia , has taken the floor to clarify things and respond to the harsh criticism of the player luso.

The great star of Movistar, Inter, that the next course will start a new adventure in the ACCS Paris in the French league, has complained on several occasions of the treatment -personal and economic – received by the club, has come to recognize that the relationship is “very undermined” , and has even explained that I would rather not have to play the playoff for the title if the competition can resume.

a Few words repeated over several appearances in the social networks and even in a virtual interview, to which Garcia has not been able to shut up. The owner of the Movistar Inter speaks today through the pages of the Portuguese newspaper ‘A Bola’, in an interview to the correspondent in Spain, Pereira-Ramos, and with his usual forcefulness left several messages to his player.

Garcia denies alleged unfair treatment of the club towards the player and remember that “history demonstrates that there is no player who has been at the highest level on a computer you will have no difficulty to admit that the club where he shone not with him . Just remember, in football, of the cases of Di Stefano, Kubala, Maradona or Cruyff. It is a law of life. I believe that with his statements Ricardo made a mistake in that we should not give too much importance.

it is Not true that no one in the club should be contacted with him . it is true that I couldn’t do because I’m confined outside Madrid with my wife, who is sick, but our director general spoke with him.”

also Denied the owner of the historic ‘Interview’ that the club will include in the FATE without asking you: “What I knew as the entire team, and in your case, as second captain, still more”.

Ricardinho complained about it in their latest public statements that the club is not allowed to be put in quarantine in Portugal, something that Garcia also categorically denies.

This is another complaint that I do not understand . We are not asked for any permission, all the brazilian players of the team went to their country. And with more reason, being here to the side, Ricardo could have gone to Portugal if we had asked”.

And if that was blunt, was no less so before the complaints of Ricardinho to be charging, due to the ERTE, just € 3,000 of the nearly 50,000 that has by contract: “it is Never nice to me, talking of money, I think that is ugly, I don’t want to go into details, but one thing I can guarantee is that the Inter owes absolutely nothing to Ricardinho “.

About the possibility that the Portuguese do not dispute the playoff for the title, Garcia said that “if it is in June, yes, it will be his farewell, but if it is in July, not because his contract ends on June 30, and there is a possibility that it could be renewed”. The representative of the Inter recognized that if the playoff is played in July “what is more likely is that we may not be able to present to the core team”, to be nearly half a dozen of their players committed to other teams.

“The years pass for all,”

Faced with the evidence that Ricardinho has no future with the jersey of the Movistar Inter, Garcia reviewed his career in the computer , in that it was a point of reference, helping him to win countless titles in seven years -mainly in the first five – and where they were crowned as the best player in the world up to five times in a row.

Much more important, Ricardinho was absolutely instrumental . Throughout the existence of our club we had great figures, but he occupies the principal place on the podium by what you played, and your behavior always sensational. This year, although he knew that he was going, he did the best he could, fought to the limit of his strength. I can only be deeply grateful to him,” says Garcia in the interview.

“it Is a wonderful person, have their peculiarities, like all of us, but is a gentleman. I repeat again that I believe that you may have made a mistake with his statements, but there is also no need to give too much emphasis because it is that if we put the good things on one side of the scales and the other things that may not have been, both on the other hand, in the case of Ricardo, good win for a defeat”, he adds.

Asked if it will affect the team his departure, the journalist is waiting, “which is as little as possible.” “To replace a player like Ricardinho is very difficult, marked a shining moment in the history of our club, but we believe that the time has come when you have to leave us . Not only him. Other veterans will also go, everything has an end, and what we will do is reshape the team with young players with great future and keep Whistle, a brazilian that I think will be Golden Ball in the next few years. We have the responsibility of 50 families whose survival depends on our good or bad management and that is why we are required to measure very well the relationship between the value of the contract and the performance of each player.”

at the insistence of the interviewer, Garcia explains his vision on the performance of the Portuguese in the last few seasons: “ The years pass for everyone and, even with a lower performance, Ricardinho is still the best of all . Ricardinho was Maradona, it was Messi, was everything in this sport and still has a lot to give to football. The question is: if so, why was he let out? The answer is that I’ve already” settled.

“shall Have the goodbye it deserves,”

A slump in performance that you do not think will affect their success in the adventure of French magician: “you will Succeed, of that I have no doubt. I am absolutely sure that with him the level of football in French will greatly improve . I wish you all the luck in the world and I want to tell you that, wherever he is, Inter Movistar will always be your home.”

Will go out the door to the world’s largest. I personally don’t have anything against him, but on the contrary . Speaking from the heart, I want to tell you that I am immensely grateful for all he has done. He will continue his way, we ours, I am your friend and if he agrees and does not object, I would like to continue to be so for the rest of our lives. It is our intention, as soon as the situation normalizes and that possible, giving Ricardinho the goodbye he deserves in Madrid”, he concluded.