Ongoing Demos against racism Protesters want reconciliation and new with each other that are entered thethe protests against police violence in the United States in a new Phase. President Donald Trump is maintaining his hard line.Christian Zaschke from New York0 comment to stand up for justice: protester and observed police officers in Chicago.Photo: Nam Y. Huh (Keystone)

Actually, was in New York City on Saturday, a curfew of eight o’clock in the evening. However, tens of thousands of people have ignored this and peacefully demonstrated. And unlike the previous days, the police had to grant you. In view of the Obvious mayor Bill de Blasio wrote at night, on Twitter, that the curfew to be lifted.

These protests were significantly different from the had in part experienced violent riots, the New York in the previous nights. Especially in Manhattan, it had been predominantly white young people, the stores had placed plundered, the washers screw-in miss, and fires. On Saturday there were people of all ages and of all skin colors who took to the streets. Around the Central Park, it seemed that half the town was on the legs.

a desire for fundamental social change

the trigger for the ongoing protests is the violent death of the Black George Floyd in Minneapolis. Since then, has been demonstrated in at least 140 cities in the United States. Initially, it was to protest against the brutality of the police. Meanwhile, the country seems to have a different dynamic develops. The demonstrators are United by the desire for reconciliation and for a new with each other. The people demonstrated in Seattle, San Diego, Santa Fe, as well as in Sioux Falls, Tampa and Boston.

the Tenor was that there is a fundamental social change must be, a community, a new relationship to the institutions of the state, above all, to the police. The Protest seems to have arrived deep in the US society. And it looks as if the demonstrations against racism and for equal treatment of Blacks would stop too soon.

music, and looseness, almost like a Happening

Also in the capital, Washington, tens of thousands of people on the streets were. Although the police had taken place in the past few days hard against the protesters, had still more people gathered than before. They were not to be deterred by a massive presence of police and national guard, and of troops, which could not be classified exactly.

The reaction of the protesters for the most part was an almost exuberant looseness. Music rang out, some from cars, some even on instruments played, some people danced. It had a the feel of a happening, of a deeply sad occasion of the protests for a while in the Background.

marching to the White house: Peaceful Protesters in Washington.Photo: Maya Alleruzzo (Keystone)

It may have strange feels for President, Donald Trump, sitting in a White house that was surrounded by tens of thousands of people, and also by a recently established fence and a massive contingent of police and national guardsmen. Trump did what he usually does: He tweeted. Although it was very peaceful, he wrote entirely in capital letters: “Law & Order”, law and order.

This Trump was referring to Richard Nixon, who had to be repeated in the protests in 1968, as a kind of Mantra, it is law and order needed to be restored. Nixon was elected in November of that year, to the President of the United States. And exactly that is what also wants to Trump again in November to the White house.

Trump, however, in all surveys, in some cases significantly behind his democratic Challenger Joe Biden. This may be one of the reasons be that he’s trying to drive in relation to the protests, a particularly hard-line: He wants at least to keep his arch-conservative base of the rod. Whether this strategy of Trump leads to success, is open.

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