Jihadi terrorism in South – East Africa, “Random, cruel, and devilish”In the North Moçambiques has formed a new cell of the Islamic state. South Africa was ready to rush to the neighbouring country for help.Anna Reuss1 Kommentar1Schon last year, there were attacks of the jihadis: Devastated houses in a village in the North Moçambiques.Photo: Marco Longari (AFP)

As the nurse Mary Rachide, you could the rumor on the chnappte, insurgents had penetrated into their village in the province of Cabo Delgado in the North Moçambiques, los ran – so fast. In the hospital, they had already heard the shots, she told the TV station the Voice of Africa. Rachide murdered fled then with your family in front of the attackers, along with her daughter and two nephews she hid for three days in the forest while Armed, 52 people in their village. “Indiscriminate, cruel, and devilish,” as the local police informed.

The victim refused, the terrorists are connected, a police spokesman said. Some of them were on that 7. April beheaded, others shot. The authorities made the attack only weeks later to the public. The police spoke at the media conference of a “massacre”.

The North Moçambiques has formed a new cell of the Islamic state (IS) out – with the group’s commitment is to the IS the only New. Already in the year 2017, the insurgents had begun in the Northern provinces, to terrorize the population. For a number of attacks you have to bear the responsibility. Yet they were as Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jamo (“followers of the prophetic Tradition”) are known.

The goal: the Caliphate in the North Moçambiques

Since the beginning of the uprising, were killed in the North Moçambiques according to the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (Acled), more than 1000 people and more than 100’000 sold. Alone in the first months of this year, the Acled is one of more than 100 violent incidents in Nordmoçambique. This corresponds to an increase of 300 percent compared to the same period last year. A long time it was unclear how the militias are organized exactly. With your commitment to IS you have revealed at your goals.

“We do not want a government of unbelievers, we want to Allah a government,” said one of the men in a propaganda video. The terrorists occupied temporarily, government buildings, blocked roads and raised in several towns and villages of the black-and-white flag of the IS. In the propaganda media, they declared the establishment of an “Islamic Caliphate” in the North Moçambiques to your destination.

The Region is rich in untapped ground. In 2010, huge gas reserves in the Rovuma-were discovered in the basin in front of the coast of Cabo Delgado. But so far, part of the nearly 30 million Moçambiquer arrived at the large little of the wealth, and this is unlikely to change in the short term, nothing. Experts anticipate, at the earliest, 2028, with government revenues from natural gas exploitation. Mozambique is still one of the poorest countries in the world, and four years ago it was almost bankrupt.

Now, the country is threatened by Terror. In the North, fighting between government romp troops and the IS cells. At the end of April Minister of the interior, Amad Miquidade said that special forces had killed within a few weeks, 129 of the terrorists in the province. “We have made the enemy, his training camps and bases to find,” he said. Alex Vines, an expert with the think tank Chatham House, sees the attacks of the past few weeks, a setback for the armed forces. He, too, expected in the coming months, many more attacks. “Many of the commanders are exhausted or corrupted by an emerging war economy”, as stated in an analysis.

Mozambique is asking for international help

President Filipe Nyusi, was sworn in in January for a further term of five years, wants to curb the insurgency in the North at any price. He “made the crisis his main focus, and de facto became the Minister of defense,” says Vines. Last week, Nyusi has asked for international help in the fight against the IS. On Friday, South Africa’s Minister of international relations and cooperation, Naledi Pandor confirmed that the governments of the two neighbouring countries were in negotiation.

The nurse Mary Rachide had food in her hiding anything or drink for three days. As she returned back to her village home, were houses and shops burned down. Something, she says, don’t wish you even to your enemies.

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