Nestlé in a dispute with Burger-name – court whistles, Swiss Multi because of the “Incredible Burger” zurückDen “Impossible Burger” of the U.S. company, there are already. Impossible Foods now wants to conquer Europe, and therefore with Nestlé in conflict.sda2 Kommentare2So praises Nestlé for its Vegi-burgers: The “Incredible Burger” for the Swiss food giant.

The food group Nestlé-free before the The Hague district court in a dispute over the naming rights of his meat “Incredible Burgers” will be lost. The Burger should now be renamed, the case is likely to go into a next round.

The was The Hague court, Nestlé have chosen the name “Incredible Burger” so that the product could be confused with the “Impossible Burger” of the American company Impossible Foods. This emerging consumer confusion. In addition, thus, the market is made difficult launch of the Burger from Impossible Foods in Europe, as several media reported on Monday.

founded in 2011, The company Impossible Foods has brought out his Burger in 2016 and wants to sell it in the future on the European market. It waits, however, on the permission of the European food safety authorities, because it uses the “Impossible Burger” a genetically modified yeast, which tastes like meat.

Nestlé have added in 2018 with Impossible Foods negotiations to a possible licensing agreement. As court documents show have launched the Swiss food multi with his Burger but, while these negotiations were still ongoing. The have aroused the suspicion that Nestlé tried to thwart the successful introduction of a competitive product in Europe.

“Incredible Burger” from shelves

The court has spoken out against Nestlé’s now a restraining order. According to this, the group has four weeks time to take the vegan “Incredible”castle patties of the brand “Garden Gourmet” from the shelves of the retailers. Otherwise, be obligated to the company for each of his ten in the case involved a subcontractor to a payment of 25’000 Euro per day.

At the request of the news Agency AWP, it shows Nestlé on the judgment disappointed. “We are of the view that everyone should be able to descriptive terms such as”incredible’ (dt: incredible to use), the properties of a product to advertise,” said a spokeswoman.

The last word is not spoken in the case. “We will comply with this decision, but at the same time to appeal,” it was said.

Nestlé will soon introduce a new Version of the Burgers in Europe, said the spokeswoman. In the future, he should be called “Sensational Burger”. The new Name will be used according to the spokeswoman for all the other products that were previously described in Europe, with “incredible”.

in Switzerland, as a Non-EU country, these Changes would be implemented in a timely manner. Nestlé will assume that no Goods are to be destroyed.

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