Jean-Luc Mélenchon has called a press conference, Friday, October 19, at the headquarters of France insubordinate (BIA), to strongly react to the whirlwind of political-media that the strike for four days, after that search very heated, were conducted, Tuesday, October 16, at the headquarters of the movement, as well as his private home, in the framework of the two preliminary inquiries, one for suspicion of over-billing during the presidential campaign, the other for suspicions of ‘ghost’ employees in the european Parliament.

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Flanked by the mp (BIA, North) Adrien Quatennens, Jean-Luc Mélenchon has held the stage for forty minutes to denounce “an offensive policy organized by the Macronie” against him and against his party. The voice full of emotion and anger, he asked for the annulment of the searches, citing” heinous psychological violence “, as well as the restitution of property, and files taken away by the police.

” These are only attempts to bring down BIA, a company that wants to destroy us, soiling our honour. In vain ! “he launched, accusing the executive of being to maneuver behind these events. “The Macronie is input in agony and makes us pay us this agony,” -he said. Thursday, October 18, in Brussels for a european Council, the president of the Republic himself had responded to the charges brought against the authority by BIA and its leader. “We have a Constitution, it is clear, the legal authority is independent in our country and I am the guarantor, for all the world. And no offense to some, there is no exception “, said Emmanuel Macron.


Jean-Luc Mélenchon has also taken to the media during his intervention, calling Franceinfo – which has circulated a survey BIA on its antenna Friday, 19 October – “State radio” to the orders of the government. “I put you all on guard, all those who headlined on the fact that we have been of the extra-billing are subject to prosecution, “he said,” because we are not afraid of anything “. Denouncing a “bashing uninterrupted,” he spoke directly to the journalists for their ” request[r] to decelerate, you also need a de-escalation, whether you like us or not “. “The challenge now is to reduce the level of violence that reigns in this case, but we will not surrender “, he added.

Leading the counter-offensive, the leader of the ” untamed “, which has been heard in audition free Thursday, by police officers of the central Office for the fight against corruption and violations of financial and tax (OCLCIFF), in Nanterre, has given his version of the two cases which challenged his party on the judiciary. It has thus reaffirmed “on honor” has always complied with european law in regard to the activity of its parliamentary assistants in Brussels, believed to have been used elsewhere that in the european Parliament. “We are honest “, he repeated.

On suspicion of false invoices to the accounts of campaign and the activities of its director of communications, Sophia Chikirou, they are merely ‘inventions’, according to him. “The information Franceinfo are false. We have complied with the advice of the Commission of campaign accounts. We would have been able to claim eight million [euros] of the reimbursement of campaign expenses, we requested that the six “, he justified.

Support for Sophia Chikirou

Jean-Luc Mélenchon has displayed unwavering support to the director of Mediascop, suspected to have overcharged for its services during the presidential campaign of 2017, and which was heard also by the police on Friday. “There is no mystery in the activities of Ms. Chikirou to our service. We have chosen the most appropriate person, the most brilliant “, he said, renewing “the expression of [s]has full trust” and believing that, in this case, her counselor is only a ” scapegoat “.

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above all, the leader of BIA denied that the tensions of the last few days, ” distressing and humiliating “, could tarnish the image of her movement in public opinion, or weaken the cohesion of his troops in the house. “It is certain that, without a doubt, here and there, weak spirits may have been impressed,” he said, but ” I don’t think we have been achieved, while on the contrary, many were galvanized “.

As for his tantrums personal repeated, as much against the media as against the police or the prosecutor during the search of the local BIA, the former presidential candidate has put on the account of an atmosphere of “novel” : “I am a man, not a machine, I am at the end of a reentry policy that was very dense (…), I assume my responsibilities, all “, he explained, stating that’ it [him] sometimes shout louder, [s’]to win “.

The passage, the member of parliament for the Bouches-du-Rhône, took the opportunity to make a mea culpa and “[s’]excuse ” from a journalist that he had mimicked the southern accent, Wednesday, in the hall of the Four Columns of the national Assembly. “I thought she was making fun of me (…) because I am elected from Marseille and I replied imitating the accent,” he explained.