Is Peacemaker, a DC Comics scoundrel, ever on the same level of Superman? Or Polka-Dot Man. Or Ratcatcher?

Rocket Racoon’s Groot, Star-Lord and Groot are household names. James Gunn loves outsiders. This is why, when given the opportunity to film a movie with any DC characters he desired, Gunn chose not Superman but “The Suicide Squad” instead.

It’s hard to believe that the “Suicide Squad”, a poorly reviewed movie, was released only five years ago. Gunn was a long-time fan of supervillains who do good deeds. He had his own vision. It would combine genres and pay tribute to the 1960s war crimes. He would find some deep-cut DC supervillains that no casual filmgoer would be able to recognize and add a giant alien starfish villain named Starro.

Warner Bros. agreed. It wouldn’t even have to be PG-13.

Although it is bold, it is not surprising. Gunn had transformed the Guardians of the Galaxy into A-list Avengers and was at the same time, suddenly and briefly, a free agent. Although David Ayer’s 2016 movie “Suicide Squad”, was a disaster, it was still a huge financial success. A sequel, reboot, a remade, or none of these things was possible, so a second movie was definitely possible.

Yes, the movie features the same actors as the characters in it, including Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag. Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller is played by Viola Davis, while Jai Courtney plays Boomerang. Robbie stated that Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad”, which premieres in theaters on Aug. 6 and on HBO Max, is “just another thing”, even though it bears the same name.

The similarities are very few. Gunn’s vision is irreverent, sincere, bombastic, vibrant, unexpectedly emotional and very R-rated.

Gunn stated that “This film is not a family movie.” “My dad would take us to see this film if we were 12 or 13, and it wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s weird if you are younger than that.

It already has a major advantage over Ayer’s: The stellar reviews.

John Cena stated, “The Suicide Squad is something that no one’s prepared for, but everyone needs.” “Everyone will leave this theater happy.”

WWE’s Peacemaker is a deranged Captain America-type who will “kill any man or woman to preserve peace.”