The now-suspended mayor of the Italian village of Riace, Domenico “Mimmo” Lucano, are no longer under house arrest. He had his residence and the site of action in the South of Italy, left, decided by an Italian court of appeal, according to the news Agency Ansa.

Lucano had taken up in his village, hundreds of migrants. Riace was, like almost all the villages in the structurally weak Region, will be doomed. Of once 3000 inhabitants only 800 left them. The refugees were given an apartment in the empty houses, training and support. In return, they renovated the dilapidated houses, overgrown vineyards and olive groves. Riace was therefore internationally as a Symbol for tolerance.

at the beginning of October Lucano was taken, however,: Him-favoured-nation is accused of illegal immigration. The investigators suspect him, together with his partner marriages of migrants with inhabitants organized. The investigations are ongoing. Previously, Lucano had said, he had, notwithstanding the decisions of the government or of the courts more migrants in his place.

Not only because of the arrest Lucanos the case caused outrage. There has also been criticism that the right-wing populist Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini wants to resettle all the immigrants from the village. Even in Dresden, people were therefore, on Tuesday on the road. The migrants should be brought according to the interior Ministry in other refugee accommodation in the country. According to Italian media, about 200 immigrants living in the small town in Calabria.