The crypto market offers hundreds of cryptocurrencies. However, only a small part of them deserve attention. This article tells about the new digital asset – the WBT token and analyses it to understand if it is the next big crypto.

WBT is a new token issued on the WhiteBIT exchange in the summer of 2022. During a short period of time, the token’s price has increased more than twice. Let’s analyze the WBT token by the following criteria:

  • listing on exchanges;
  • price;
  • prospects;
  • supply. 

Analysis of crypto assets 

When analyzing a cryptocurrency, the first thing to look for is its listing on a major, reputable cryptocurrency exchange. The WBT token is now available on the WhiteBIT and Huobi exchanges. Shortly, WBT will be traded on other large platforms.


It is quite possible that one of the lesser-known and cheaper coins could become the next big crypto. Some young companies turn out to be incredibly popular in a while, so keep an eye on young projects. Diversifying your investment portfolio with cheaper coins would be a good idea. So buying WBT can increase your chances of making a fortune. As of mid-October 2022, the WBT USDT pair is traded at 11,1.


Learn about the nature of the project and the benefits it will bring to the market. There are dozens of coins that are not backed by technology or utility. But there are also projects that bring innovative technology to the market. For example, the WBT token plays a big role in transactions on the WhiteBIT platform (which has over 2 million users) and opens access to additional products. With WBT, users receive discounts on transaction fees and additional rewards in the affiliate program. Even though the WBT token is a new cryptocurrency, it has a large community of users.

Coin supply 

Limited coin allocation maintains an interest in the asset, allowing prices to rise. Most projects have a predetermined total cryptocurrency issuance. That means that there are no new coins once the maximum number of coins has been produced. A limited supply helps to maintain demand. The WBT token’s emission is limited to 400 000 000, and the developers burn them regularly to maintain the demand for the asset.