Restaurant owners are suffering a lot from the crisis and soaring prices. Energy prices, on the one hand, greatly increase their bills. Because they consume a lot: heating rooms for restaurant owners, and mass use of ovens, gas or electric, fridges or even cold rooms…

For the cost of their raw materials, the same problem: meat, vegetables or even dairy products have seen their prices explode in recent months. Indeed, INSEE communicated at the end of October that it had assessed the rise in food prices over the past year at the dizzying height of 11.8%, as reported by l’Humanité.

For restaurateurs, or even bakers in this case, there is no question of ignoring the quality of their products: “We are still in France, we like good food, so we are not ready for everything to cut corners on the quality of the products.” confided Christophe Giardet, baker from Lyon, to franceinfo.

Another solution would be to reduce the portions without affecting the price, as some food distributors do: this is called “shrinkflation”. However, restaurateurs want to avoid it at all costs: especially in the context of selling ready-made products, this kind of ploy is easily detected by the customer, who will certainly not like it.

Raising its prices also seems very complicated. Either way, restaurateurs would risk losing their customers, which is the last thing they need right now.

Discover below the techniques adopted by restaurateurs to cope with soaring prices.