this Time, it was the equivalent of a scarce meters that separated the two best jumpers of this four-hills-tournament from each other. The first two placed from Garmisch-Partenkirchen were the same as those of Oberstdorf: Ryoyu Kobayashi undMarkus Eisenbichler. Again, the Second, a rousing air show, the 27-year-old Victory dorfer’s Eisenbichler, the best pilot in the Team of national coach Werner Schuster, the Coach said after the second jump to the podium on new year’s day: “The first jump was not the first cream, the second was so so good. The Japanese deserved to win.“ With shorter Lengths, but with better grades, because Kobayashi had to fight back the wind, while iron Bichler benefited with his jumps on 138 and 135 meters from the lift. At the end of the Japanese, is to always ask questions, very short answers were between the German, who came on 264,7 points, and the little communicative, 1.9 points difference.

Ralf Weitbrecht

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

“My first jump was really cool,” said Eisenbichler, after his second Coup in the Exuberance of the feelings. “I feel bloody marvellous and I’m just mega happy.” The far-sighted national coach had predicted iron bichlers altitude flight in Oberstdorf. “Now jumps him. He flies like in the bedroom,“ Schuster said. Well, Yes: In my sleep eisenbichler is not flown in the Olympic ski jump at Gudiberg down. The 27-year-old victory of the villages was, on the contrary, wide awake.

Already, on shadow mountain, when he finished at the start of the four hills tournament behind the big favorites, and sovereign of the world Cup, Leading Kobayashi, presented the currently best German ski jumper in excellent condition. And also according to the geographical change from the Allgäu region to the Werdenfelser Land Garmisch-Partenkirchen had lost eisenbichler nothing of its shape and lightness. Already in the first round of the traditional new year’s jumping plane Eisenbichler explained that he would wear his Ski on the first day of the new year. With 138 metres, the German managed to make even the best wide and was one and a half meters in front of the small and large Japanese. Points separated the upper Bavaria at this time tiny of 0.2 meter from the Dominator of this ski jumping winter.

the Second, again promising in the fight for the victory of the day lying: That Eisenbichler brought to the 21,000 spectators at the sold-out hill in rapture, was quick to recognize. Immediately after the Bounce eisenbichler took a more or less perfect. He sailed seemingly stoically through the air. No shake, no outliers, no correction. It was a leap as if painted, what also Eisenbichler realized immediately, because in the exit, he tore the arms as a sign of a great jump in the amount.

the top of Bayer in this German-Austrian border pleasure so jump as never before in his career, has indicated to his Trainer in Switzerland. “The Competition in Engelberg is a door-opener, a node solver was a bit,” Schuster said to his best athlete’s award of courage. “The ski jump in Garmisch is a ski jump on a Plane. You have to take a lot of speed over the stem. Markus is our best flyer. He has found a good System and the conditions created in a Flow to get in.“ In a state that gives a ski jumper seemingly on the wings.