if you are looking to buy a property is still one of the most interesting woonbonus to enjoy his home to buy Biddit, the verkoopplatform of the chamber. “This is verkoopdossiers are, in fact, is already full.”

The banks were, at the beginning of the week was crystal clear: we are buying a property, will not be eligible for the woonbonus at the end of this year, will be abolished. The paperwork for the closing of the mortgage loan, and also the compilation of the several acts of the civil-law notary will take approximately 3 months to complete.

But for those people who no matter what the cost to the woonbonus want to take advantage of, the public notaries don’t have a solution to this. It’s going to sell the properties Biddit, the verkoopplatform of the chamber.

“Who’s using Biddit in the next few days to find a home and buy it, it has a huge head start because it was on sale, and verkoopdossier through the relevant civil law notary is already fully assembled, just think of all of the certificates that are to be presented,” says Bart Azare on Fednot, the association of civil-law notaries. “This means that the buyer and the seller in a couple of weeks in the contract of sale has already been able to to sign, which makes you, as a buyer, you may still be entitled to the woonbonus.”

the Same is true for the traditional public sales, that of notaries public organizing. “With this sale, the dossier is almost finished, which gives you an enormous amount of time book for which the final sale has this year been hit.” said notary, Van Story, president of the Royal Federation of the Belgian Notarial law.

He cautions, however, that this is especially true for the voluntary sale, judicial, and public sales are often more time-consuming.” And the buyers are informed very well about the exact position of a given public sale. “If it’s a new zitdag is, there is, after all, too long”, so you have a deadline of the end of the year, maybe I can’t make it.

For those of you interested, we are today close to 700 homes, apartments and land for sale in Biddit. Also, the number of traditional public and sell in the hundreds. (m).