Julija Pogacar, the second cousin of double Tour de France winner Tadej Pogacar, has been missing since November 3, 2021, reports Le Parisien. Shortly before the start of the Grande Boucle, the leader of the UAE Emirates team had launched an appeal on social networks, in the hope of finding this 11-year-old girl who has not been seen with her mother since. 257 days.

“Help. My little cousin Julija is missing!” he wrote. According to Peter, Julija’s father, she is with her mother Natasa Brumen in the Canary Islands in Spain. The mother would have taken her daughter and then left Radomlje in Slovenia with clothes and passports to join a sect: “Lana Praner z Gospodi (Lana Praner and the Lords)”.

“Lana and her followers are believers in radical conspiracy theories. They believe the rich want to enslave us, that 5G is dangerous, that Covid-19 tests and vaccines insert microchips into our bodies, that airplanes and their white streaks poison us,” Julija’s father explained. To protect her followers from Covid and electromagnetic waves, Lana Praner would have had bases built, including one on the Canary Islands. “Their main objective is to remain hidden,” said the father.

Since his departure, the mother, who would have renamed Melisa Smrekar for at the request of the sect, would not have responded to a single message. Slovenian police said mother and daughter were seen in the south of France and then in Huelva in Spain, where they took a ferry to the island of Tenerife, before their trace was lost. A couple, Anka and Luka Ule, would have accompanied them.

Very worried for his daughter who would be detained in difficult conditions, Peter promised a reward of 10,000 euros to anyone with information. A site has been set up. No one has yet answered the call.