Who loves a very special Smartphone, for a long time with the top models from Huawei in the Porsche Edition. This can safely be taken literally, because this year will be called the Porsche Design Mate 20 RS a whopping 1700 Euro. That is 50 euros more than for the most expensive iPhone XS Max. However, the Huawei for this proud price of just 256 gigabytes of storage, while Apple offers the Double. What is the expensive Chinese?

Michael Spehr

editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

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The technology Department can answer this question in a few sentences. But it is not. Here’s the Outside that counts first of all: The Porsche Design Mate 20 RS is similar to the Mate 20 Per, but the Triple-camera on the back, not protruding out of the housing, but is perfectly embedded in a strip of glass, which occupies the center of the top to the bottom.

The manufacturer speaks of an accent strip, the Porsche Design Logo is also great in addition to the Huawei. The left and right of the glass strip is adorned on the back with fine leather, it smells like the Porsche 911.


In all other Details of the Porsche car corresponds to the Huawei Mate 20 Per, the cost of the recommended 1000 Euro, but to have in free trade is more favorable. The technical differences are easy to list: The Mate 20 Pro has only 128 gigabytes of memory and six instead of eight gigabytes of RAM. All other Details are identical. The Display measures 6.4 inches and is arched to the side edges, it dissolves with 3120 × 1440 pixels, provides great colors and high contrasts, and there is a biometric face detection in addition to the Display’s built-in fingerprint scanner.

Both devices use the super fast Kirin-980-Chip from Huawei, a huge battery of 4200 mAh and the Leica camera with three lenses covering a focal length range of 16 to 83 mm.