The Deal that it was in Brussels and Downing Street alike, he was “the only one on the table,” is now off the table. This is the clarification, which has left the historic defeat of the British Prime Minister. 432 deputies voted on Tuesday night against the exit agreement with the EU, only 202. The Deal, painstakingly negotiated in more than two years, was now “dead”, was the headline in the “Sun” on Wednesday.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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The second clarification followed on Wednesday evening: May is once to remain being at the top of the government. With 325 to 306 votes in the house of Commons a vote of censure was rejected, which had submitted the Opposition to the government.

There’s something treacherous about the uniqueness of the political moment that Theresa may’s “total humiliation”, as the “Daily Telegraph,” the rejection of the deal has led to a political end. Westminster observers and historians have agreed, after long research the fact that May has experienced the biggest defeat of a government in the history of the British Parliament, but the consequences for the main managers seem to be low.

Cleaned up and battle funny presented Sep on Wednesday in the lower house. Of withdrawal considerations, there was no question, on the contrary. Sharply attacked leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, of the you wanted to but actually to the leather. The day before, immediately after their defeat, May had asked him, a confidence to initiate a vote of no confidence. She knew that she would win it, and Corbyn knew it, too. But the Labour leader had to bring it up, he did not want to make the idea of an Opposition ridiculous. When, if not after this demise in the Parliament, should the Opposition have the ultimate card?