The agent, that is, the moordtocht of a 45-year-old member of the Paris police department on Thursday to stop it, it was a 24-year-old intern, that there are only two days in and the battle was on.

It should be a killer time, have been Thursday afternoon at the police station from Paris, france. The 45-year-old Mickaël H. and there’s the colleagues who are just on their lunch break, want to start off with a knife. He has three agents down, who is also his supervisor. In making his escape, he walks up the stairs, and along the way sticks out his colleagues down, who also dies. Eventually Mickaël H. in the courtyard of the police station, where he was face-to-face with the 24-year-old intern. At first, he asked the man with the knife to let it drop. But, after all, if he does not, you have to shoot the young man. The two times that the offender is zijgt down and die.

on Friday, the day after the attack, continued the director-general, mr Didier Lallemant heroic cop in the flowers. “This is not about youth and age,” he said. “Courage and perseverance will see you on people of all ages. In addition, it shows if it means how good the training actually is.”

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