Looking to the future – billion stadium and great football: Milan dreaming again The question of how it is going with AC Milan next to the Theater. And the German Coach Ralf Rangnick makes for restlessness.Oliver Meiler Rom2 Kommentare2Verschränkte rings or Cathedral? This summer will be decided between the projects, the 2026 winter Olympic games are scheduled to be opened in the new stadium.Visualizations: Manica Sportium/Populous

Recently, Marino, Milan’s town hall, a meeting took place in the Palazzo, which could hold in ordinary times for normal. Now, however, she seemed to be incredibly light-footed, to a certain extent, a wrong Note from the future, as much as you like as you listen.

The big football clubs in the city, the Associazione Calcio Milan and FC Internazionale, ever in foreign hands, put their projects for a new, ultra-modern stadium, in front of out in the district of San Siro, 65’000. In the simulations, both suggestions look great. “La Cattedrale” from Studio Populous is actually reminiscent of a Cathedral, which is somewhat curious. The old Meazza has become the norm rather than the “Scala of football”, as a stage for tenors, but more often Squallers blazed goods. The alternative model is the “Anelli di Milano” by the architects, Manica Sportium, so called because his Arena consists of two figurative rings, which fold elegantly into each other.

In the summer will be decided. In 2024 it’s supposed to be done. In 2026 it would host the opening ceremony of the Olympic games. And because the city has requested that parts of the old stadium will remain the same next door out of respect for its cultural meaning, it becomes a big project for about 1.2 billion euros. An urban intervention.

Populous would want to save over the ramps to the second grandstand rank, the competition could be even one of the four distinctive corner towers. The entire system will even if you would be transformed, to the amusement of the Milanese tender: with running tracks, bike pistes, fitness centers, a skate Park, recreation grounds for football to five, five against five, the most free. This includes shops, a temple of consumption, a football Museum, cinemas. Places are just closed. Longing places, places for dreams for the future.

Just a few Hundred meters from the hopeful site is located on the old exhibition centre Portello, there are still patients in the intensive care ward of a field hospital. Connected to ventilation equipment. Corona and Calcio, it is a difficult Duo.

Rangnick tears the minds

In the “Gazzetta dello Sport”, Milan sports newspaper, negotiate with you now for weeks, the theatre, the future of the AC Milan side in length, with Interviews with all of the sizes from the past, with analyses. It is not yet clear whether the suspended championship goes on, but in the minds of Milanisti, it is checked anyway. Than zero, number: seventh place, twelve points behind the Fourth-Atalanta Bergamo, so again no Champions League. How in the seven past years. Not been a master for almost nine years.

In the case of Milan it is in the morning. He comes, he comes not? He fits in here, or it fits not here? You are not far away from to Be or not to be. And all because of Ralf Rangnick, the German Coach, soccer boss of Red Bull. “He’s not there, but it is, as he would be there,” wrote the “Gazzetta”. He’s haunting – as a possible new coach of the club, starting in the summer maybe. In the meantime, he dominates the debates that tear apart the minds.

The excitement of Rangnick has a long lead, and if the context is drawn a little bit outrageously far seems to be for the personnel: It starts with a new Era in the city, a kind of caesura.

he, Comes he not? The German Ralf Rangnick is currently employed by Red Bull, but already in Milan for discussions.Photo:

Milan was also once a Capital of football. Earlier, when Milan was still a part of Silvio Berlusconi and Inter the oil industrialist Massimo Moratti, the clubs merged with the city in an almost esoteric symbiosis. Family, capitalism, football is sometimes the right policy – that was very entertaining. In retrospect, at least. And if you look around, who commands in some big Clubs in Europe now – oligarchs, Emirates, funds without any reason and ground, then people such as the duration of Smoking Moratti a nostalgic tear value, even Berlusconi, with all of its quirks. As they were tired of the pumps for the favor of the Plebs, every year tens of millions of euros into their clubs, without the prospect of return, they sold to investors from the far East.

Milan was in 2017, according to a Drama in a thousand episodes, on the Chinese Li Yonghong. This was as the owner of a phosphate mine, very rich. In China, no one knew him. But that disturbed, in Milan, nobody, certainly not Berlusconi. Him the price, took care of only, apparently, agreed to 740 million euros. Li paid with effort, in tranches, and how you should learn – all at the Pump. Soon it was clear that he was not able to service its debt, and Milan fell to the New York-based Elliott Management, an international hedge Fund. With football such funds have little in the hat, do not bet on the favorite to bankruptcies, state bankruptcies, and bankruptcies, if the time is ominous.

“Before he learns Italian, I advise him to learn respect.”

Paolo Maldini about Ralf Rangnick

As the managing Director repeated Elliott, Ivan Gazidis, a South African sporting Manager with the Greek roots, had led before the Arsenal – a from the outside so. In Italian football it is like people from the outside, not so fond of, and it makes you feel fast. The Italians themselves admit that their football world is a particularly complicated: a culturally complex, a great house full of Clowns and big egos in the club tips. Gazidis should bring Milan back to the success – not the trophies sake, but because Elliott wants to sell the club as quickly as possible and profitably. Locusts are no sponsors – you can loot their loot.

Two years ago. Sporty, nothing went fast, even though huge sums have been invested in Transfers. Gazidis contacted Ralf Rangnick, he holds a lot. Rank nick, of course, was done to: a traditional club, great Name, even greater improvement in margin. And because he admired the former Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi has always seemed to be the thing with Milan to have the stuff for the addition.

Now it was Boban colorful

Now the case rank nick would have had to be really never publicized, contacts there is finally, constantly. But the Problem was that Gazidis had not dedicated the Rest of the leadership in his plans. This angered two men who must be consulted when such firms decide ex officio partout – game legends then of the club: Paolo Maldini, Milan’s twilight-free Idol and sports Director, and the Croatian Zvonimir Boban, a decade in Milan’s midfield, and Chief Football Officer.

legends in Milan: Chief Football Officer Zvonimir Boban (R) and sport Director Paolo Maldini.Photo: Keystone

rank nick gave a Interview with not so verklausulierten signals. In Italy, you could read anywhere, Rangnick wool all the Power to him the role of a Manager in front of limbo, as there is in the English Premier League is responsible for everything. Until it was Boban now to colorful. In an Interview with the Croatian said that he thought the unabgesprochenen negotiations with Rangnick for “disrespectful and inelegant”. Unfortunately, the Interview was not arranged with the club, and so Boban was dismissed. Few days ago, Maldini reported the state news Agency Ansa, as were here geopolitical equilibria to the game. He had never spoken with Rangnick, he said. “Before he learns Italian, I advise him to learn respect.”

he Comes, he comes not? Rank nick, so much comes clear, then also Maldini goes to Boban. And Ibrahimovic. In Milan, you would say: the whole soul. The “Gazzetta” calls out the preventive critics: “Who knows, maybe Rangnick with 61 Yes, the Sacchi of the third Millennium.”

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