Greta Thunberg, has on Monday donderspeech be given to the Climate change summit of the United Nations (UN) in New York city. “You have to have all my dreams been stolen”, said the Swedish activist. The Us president, Donald Trump, who is regarded as one klimaatscepticus, to everyone’s surprise, will also be putting in an appearance at the 74th annual General Assembly of the united nations.

“I wouldn’t be here alone,” said Thunberg, at the opening of the UN climate summit in New York city. “I should go back to school and need to be on the other side of the atlantic. However, when you come to our young people, for a lot of. How dare you?” You are my dream, and my whole childhood is stolen, with your empty words.”

Thunberg blame the adults that they are not doing enough to protect the environment. “People are suffering, people are dying. The only thing you are doing, it is about money and talking about the fairytale of perpetual economic growth. How dare you?”

He is surprisingly still available

after the speech given by Thunberg reappeared, to everyone’s surprise, when He is on. The Us president should not appear at the Conference, but it was there nonetheless. He was accompanied by the vice-president is Mike Pence, and I listened to a few speeches. According to eye witnesses, applauding the American president.

He went to the United States of america in 2017, in the climate deal by Paris, because that would have been fatal for the American economy. He also has a wide range of measures focused on sustainability and that of its predecessor, Barack Obama’s undone.

” The Guardian wrote over the weekend that the White House, in a bedroom, He could see the building, but it was the same White House as Home to one of the other on the name of religious freedom, wanted to be present.

the Aims:

the united nations secretary-general, Antonio Guterres is the climate of the world to know how far along they are with their targets. Among others, Boris Johnson, and Emmanuel Macron were there, but several of the important world leaders and their cat will be sent.
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