Account) – a lot of people end up after completing their high school studies with a job they don’t really have the body written on it. Few people dare to and then be radical with it break it down in order for their dreams to pursue. Again, go to college and you are living to earn what you really want to do? He Decoster is one such person.

He Decoster graduated this year as a professional bachelor’s degree in electro-mechanics. He did this through a omscholingstraject of the VDAB and PXL Green & Tech. He found his true calling in the renewable energy, and it was definitely a fun job to job, before he graduated from college. “After completing my secondary education I went to work, but I soon realized that a degree is important in order to improve their chances on the labour market,” he said.

“For this reason I am going back to college. Due to the VDAB started a course of bachelor in electro-mechanics of the ITEM into Account). In the beginning it was difficult, but the students and the teachers are very helpful. The fact that I had a payment received by the VDAB, was also important. So, I was able to stay and live in my own taking care of yourself part.”

As the climate of the younger, he didn’t just put this way: “The climate deal in Paris, and has been my inspiration and, in addition, it is a bottleneck job. My choice was an easy one.” Are the internships You are in the Smart Grid Lab-on-a T2-a campus in Genk, belgium, where everything has to be brought about in the production and transmission of energy. “I think it’s very good to be able to work with the T2 campus,” said the student.

“Together with erasmus students from Spain, I am in the world of the Smart Grid Lab will be allowed to convert it. We did this in 12 weeks time is adjusted, so that the students from the secondary education to be able to work. It was a very enriching period for me. If you are in such a beautiful environment as well as the T2-campus, I can test it, and you can taste all the clever technology, it is a very good learning experience.”