McCarthy backs Hageman, the Cheney challenger in Wyoming House Republican primary


A rare attempt by a party leader to remove one of his own members is called endorsement

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has endorsed Harriet Hageman for her Wyoming primary contest to Rep. Liz Cheney. This is a rare act by a sitting leader of a party to support an attempt to unseat a member.

McCarthy, R.Calif., stated in a Thursday statement, “I am proud that I endorse Harriet Hageman For Congress.”

He said Harriet was born on a ranch near Fort Laramie and has lived in Wyoming since her childhood. “The most successful representatives in Congress are focused on their constituents’ needs. Throughout her career Harriet has championed America’s natural resources and helped Wyomingns reject excessive and burdensome government overreach.”

Hageman emerged as the most viable candidate to unseat Cheney (R-Wyo.), who has been subject to the ire of many Republicans and former President Donald Trump for denying that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. House Republicans are also annoyed by Cheney’s Jan. 6 Committee participation.

Trump supported Hageman last season.

“I am grateful for Leader McCarthy’s strong support and I promise that as Wyoming’s congresswoman, we will always stand up to our beautiful state and do what was asked of us. Hageman stated that she looks forward to representing Wyoming’s interests in Congress.

Cheney spokesperson Jeremy Adler stated in response to McCarthy’s endorsement, “Wow, she must really be desperate.”

After weeks of pressure from Trump-alinged lawmakers to remove Hageman from the House Republican caucus along with Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), McCarthy has publicly endorsed Hageman.
These tensions reached a boiling point when Cheney and Kinzinger were censured by the Republican National Committee (RNC). This censure was met with significant opposition, particularly from Senate Republicans.

“Shame falls upon a party which would censure persons with conscience, who seek truth even in the face of hatred,” Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) tweeted. “Honor attaches Liz Cheney to Adam Kinzinger because they seek truth, even if it comes at great personal expense.”

However, many House Republicans supported the move.
Hageman stated Thursday that Liz Cheney had completely lost her ability to perform her role as Wyoming’s only representative in the House of Representatives. “The Democrats in Washington, D.C. see her only as a temporary, but useful tool to reach their partisan goals, and she is not wanted by the Republicans.” She has totally abandoned the responsibility of fighting for Wyoming and representing our values.

Hageman stated that Cheney has one of the most conservative voting records within Congress and is “actively harming the Republican party – both nationally and in Wyoming – and it’s now for her to leave.”

Hageman stated that Wyoming deserves a congresswoman to fight the disastrous Biden administration. Hageman also said that she would hold them accountable for their policies, which are ravaging our energy industry, destroying our sovereignty, destroying our southern border, depriving our citizens of prosperity, and infringing on our constitutional rights.

Although Hageman holds two major endorsements from Trump and McCarthy, Cheney is a cash-rich candidate in Wyoming. Hageman was only $1 million short of Hageman’s $7 million.