The horrified national coach Christian Prokop threw with anger, his water bottle on the parquet floor, his disappointed players passed on a final lap of honour with an empty view of the Fans. Despite a world class performance of goalkeeper Andreas Wolff have Germany’s handball team for their strong performance at the world Cup, with the first world championship medal for twelve years of reward. The DHB-selection lost on Sunday in Herning, Denmark, the dramatic third-place match against the six-time champion France in the last second with 25:26 (13:9) and missed the biggest success since the Olympic Bronze in 2016.

Handball-world Cup in 2019, All of the games at a Glance

Nikola Karabatic met with the final siren resulted in frustration with the German Team captain Uwe Gensheimer with seven goals best launcher. In the crucial scene before the left had played outside Matthias Musche a rushed Pass. “The pain is very large. The smarter team were the French, we must recognize,“ said national coach Christian Prokop. “We have brought stupid to a bronze medal,” commented Wolff. “We actually played a great world Cup.” Gensheimer added, “We played a great tournament. We have given everything and we can’t blame.“

The great disappointment of the missed a Gold Chance through the semi-final defeat against Norway, worked for the German players. From the beginning, the Prokop-force demonstrated the firm resolve to reward yourself with at least Bronze. The defence stood like a wall, and behind goalkeeper Andreas Wolff on delivery a superior Form. After 17 minutes a Three-goal lead with success the 9:6, for the first time. But then nothing went on the Offensive suddenly. Nine minutes after the hit, what the French used to compensate managed the DHB-selection. “It is important, courageous Teams win games,” asked Prokop in a break in the more risk.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

and lo And behold, it went up again. Thanks to a 4:0 run and a strong support Wolff, who forced a fine save in the first half, 54 per cent of the French throws, took the German team to a comfortable cushion in the break. The beginning of the DHB-selection of delivery. Within seven minutes the lead was gone. Midway through the second half the world Cup host was in his only tournament-away game with two goals in the back. “It is crucial that we remain with us now and the team play”, called Procopius. Despite the great struggle it was for his proteges in the dramatic closing stages, but no Happy ending.

Although it was the eleventh world Cup medal since the Premiere in 1938, nothing, the DHB is confident in the Mega-2020 with EM and Olympia. “We have to go now, more small steps, to land, perhaps, at the very top,” said sport Board of management, Axel Kromer. For both Events, the DHB must qualify in the selection.

prior to the kick-off it was clear that The German football was a world Cup winner. The euphoria around the team took on unexpected dimensions and is to be used. “That reminds me now more of the football fairy tale of 2006”, said DHB Vice President Bob Hanning on Sunday the TV channel “Sky”. The halls were a total of 900,000 viewers so fully as never before, the TV ratings climbed continuously to new heights. In the case of the bitter defeat in the semi-final against Norway (11,91 million) were seated almost twice as many people in front of the TV as the opening game against Korea (6,11 million). “We wanted to reignite the enthusiasm for our Sport. We managed to do that,“ said gensheimer.