Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has presented the first draft budget since the entry into force of the American sanctions. He announced to increase the salaries in the public service by 20 percent. The draft budget for the year 2019 has been adjusted, the President said during his speech in Parliament on Tuesday, which was broadcast live by the state television. Of which oil sales to Tehran run out, in spite of the sanctions, is not in the draft.

“In the past year, we had some problems,” said Rouhani, referring to the protests against corruption and mismanagement, almost a year ago. “These events have prompted the Americans to change their attitude towards the Islamic Republic and the nuclear deal,” he said. The aim of the United States to force Iran “to its knees”.

the beginning of December, had accused Rouhani to the Americans “economic terrorist”. The President, Donald Trump re-established punitive measures were “unjust and illegal,” he said.

Washington, was bailed in may from the international agreement to limit the Iranian nuclear program by 2015, and had imposed at the beginning of August and the beginning of November, new financial and trade restrictions. The American leadership seeks to cut Iran’s oil Exports to near Zero. Large consumers such as China and India were exempted from the Oil Embargo.