At Opposition protests after the disputed presidential election in Cameroon have been arrested over the weekend more than a hundred protesters. Communications Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi, said on Saturday, in the case of unauthorized demonstrations in Yaounde, Bafoussam and Mbouda security forces had set a total of 117 people. In the capital of the West African country, yaoundé, and the economic capital of Douala, a strong safety was contingent on the streets.

According to the activists, the protesters were in the capital with tear gas dispersed. The security Minister spoke of six injured.

The 85-year-old President Paul Biya had in the beginning of October for a seventh term in office to confirm. The opposition party, the movement for the rebirth of Cameroon (MRC), the defeated candidate Maurice Kamto did not recognize the election of the since 36 years of ruling heads of state, with reference to election fraud, and now holds a regular, unauthorized protests. In the majority of French-speaking multi-ethnic state, there is also a growing independence movement in the English-speaking minority.

meanwhile, Cameroon in the night of Sunday, the Embassy of the Republic in Berlin-Westend. “About ten persons entered the building and made political demands,” said a spokesman for the police in the Morning. There was also damage in the building. The police showed up with a large contingent in the elm Avenue, and brought the people from the Embassy. “To be able to the behind reasons, we say nothing. We need to look at in more detail,“ the spokesman said. Injured is not have given it to. The assignment ended early Sunday morning.