Rebates at the gas pump will soon end. The 2022 amending budget adopted at the start of the week provided for the extension of the 30 centimes per liter discount put in place by the government until November 15. The company TotalEnergies had followed the dynamics of the executive, and added its own rebate of 20 cents per liter. The latter will also stop on November 15, according to La Dépêche.

Originally, these arrangements were only to last until the first of the month. The discounts will however continue until the end of the year, but will be much lower. The reductions of the State and TotalEnergies will increase from November 16 to 10 centimes per liter each. From January 1, 2023, motorists will have to pay for their gasoline at the full price.

In a week, prices at petrol stations will therefore take between 20 and 30 centimes per liter. Faced with this scheduled increase, consumers are likely to fill up en masse before the said increase. TotalEnergies therefore expects strong pressure on their network this week, possibly leading to shortages of certain fuels.

This week, the average price per liter in France is already 1,857 euros for diesel, 1,714 euros for unleaded 95, 1,762 euros for unleaded 98 and 1,660 for E10. From next Wednesday, you will therefore have to pay almost 2 euros per litre, depending on the station and the fuel purchased.

The Total group gas stations, namely TotalEnergies, Total Access, Total Contact and Elan will probably be over-requisitioned, but will remain the cheapest pumps in France.