Survey for traffic behavior – Switzerland wants to change away from public TRANSPORT to Cycling and Car-Corona-crisis will change according to a survey of the mobility behaviour in a sustainable way.Matthias Chapman66 Kommentare66Es doesn’t have to be a Demo (as in September 2017 in Zurich), but the bike is likely to be trendy.KEYSTONE/Ennio Leanza

Because of the Coronavirus will want to use in Switzerland in the future, less frequent public transport. Companies and authorities should develop flexible solutions, climate protection and new mobility needs under one roof.

a survey by the consulting firm Deloitte Switzerland shows, there is a shift to more individual traffic. The reason is the fear that one could become infected in a public transport with the Virus. Therefore, many people want to change Bikes, E-Bikes or cars and, increasingly, in the Home Office, as it says in the Tuesday poll.

for example, roughly a third of the respondents believe that they will be in the future increasingly to the foot, with the E-Scooter or bike. Around a quarter of the respondents plans to be less common in trains, buses, Trams, or Taxis on the road.

Before the Corona-crisis each Person spent in Switzerland according to the Swiss Federal statistical office, an average of about 90 minutes per day in traffic, about half of leisure traffic, the authors write. Now more space for the individual transport should be created.

the Young often want to use the car

Also in the motorised individual transport, there may be a slight increase, especially among young people. Every fourth (26 per cent) under 30-year-old Person assumes that you will more often drive a car, and 29 percent want to know more the bike use. This could mean a “reality check for the climate-friendly Swiss transport policy”.

show The poll, especially the pedestrian and Bicycle traffic will increase in the cities stronger. So the calls for a pedestrian – and testing cycle-friendly-friendly infrastructure would already louder. Another approach could also be Road-Pricing, to regulate the motorized individual traffic in the cities.

the home office also desirable

The Corona-crisis have also changed the Work of the people in Switzerland. The survey shows that many people want to work in the future on certain days in the home office.

According to a study by the research company Ecoplan more flexible the workplace can contribute concepts and lesson plans to a considerable relief for the public transport. The potential discharge to the main transport times in the order of 24 percent in the Morning and at 10 percent in the evening.

The authorities must now take account of the Trend to more home-office for traffic planning. Plans for billion-dollar transport infrastructure projects should be rethought, or new circumstances.


The people of Switzerland according to the survey, also tends to assume that you will be flying in the coming years. Of the respondents who travel occasionally by airplane, expect to travel 27% less flying, 13 percent, however, expect an increase.

in Order to meet the changing mobility needs, to be authorities and business will be required to design traffic flows in a more flexible and promote mobility concepts such as the rental of E-Bikes, Share cars or easy access to E-scooters and the networking of the means of transport.

The Trend towards individual mobility should not prevent Switzerland, however, the CO2-reduction forward as planned, and an effective steering levy.

Deloitte conducted the survey in mid-April under 1500 people living in Switzerland are of working age.


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