Having a freezer at home is extremely practical. Indeed, many people freeze their leftovers or even intentionally cook large quantities with the goal of being able to keep them for a long time, and reheat them for a quick meal on a lazy day.

When defrosting, you have to be careful about certain things, so as not to waste energy unnecessarily or risk food poisoning, as UFC Que Choisir reports. Never thaw food at room temperature. Prefer the cold part of the fridge or the bain-marie. You can also cook frozen meat and vegetables, just put them directly in the pan!

The freezing process itself happens all by itself in your freezer. However, here too, there are rules that must be followed. First of all, never, ever refreeze previously thawed food. Respect the capacity of your device, which will not be efficient enough if you stuff it with food. Date your sealed containers! You will then know when it is time to throw away a food that has been frozen for too long.

For liquid foods, never fill containers to the brim and avoid glass containers, to avoid a mini-explosion in your freezer. Cooling your beers faster by putting them in the freezer may seem like a good idea at the start of the evening, but beware of the risk of bursting, especially for sparkling drinks. Systematically start a timer if you use this technique.

Especially for those who have a large freezer, or who do not use it a lot, it is the ideal candidate to house all kinds of forgotten or more or less identified food… Find below the 11 products to eliminate at any cost of your freezer, according to Sélection.ca