Catherine Jacob: an anthology of her canon and forgotten photos of the 2000s


A leading face of fiction. Catherine Jacob is on screen this November 17 in The Curse of the Volcano on France 3. A TV movie released in 2018 in which the actress plays Juliette Gentil, a police commissioner who is leading the investigation on Reunion Island.

At the heart of the plot, the son of a wealthy landowner is found dead at the bottom of a ravine. A mysterious case to be elucidated for the judicial police officer, under the responsibility of Zac Bellême (played by Ambroise Michel), a young investigator freshly arrived from mainland France, according to the synopsis. “For the metropolitan, it is the discovery of an island which is unknown to him and of its ancestral traditions”.

During its last rebroadcast on France 3 in January 2021, the police television film carried by Catherine Jacob attracted 5.27 million curious people according to Médiamétrie, cited in particular by Télé-Loisirs. A success for the famous actress revealed on the small screen in the 1980s. After having made several appearances in series such as Julien Fontanes, magistrate, Dickie-roi, L’Esprit de famille, or even Marie Pervenche, she turned to the movie theater.

In 1988, Catherine Jacob shone on the big screen in Life is a Long Quiet River, directed by Etienne Chatillez. She plays the role of Marie-Thérèse, the cleaning lady of the Le Quesnoy family. A performance hailed by four million spectators which earned her the César for best female hope the following year.

In the early 2000s, Catherine Jacob became a popular figure with the French, evolving between cinema and television or even in the theater in the play L’Avare by Molière. After 40 years of career to her credit, the actress was recently cast in the soap opera Tomorrow belongs to us and the film Rumba la vie. Before finding her in 2023 in the play Agathe Royale, here is what Catherine Jacob looked like 20 years ago. Anthology in pictures in our slideshow.