Horst Seehofer might have obtained by 2018 for a lot of things wrong to smack a tree or smack man – he is not really to blame: the fact that many journalists in Bavaria know how the world Cup second round between Croatia and Denmark is assumed. The sat came this way: While Seehofer and the advanced CSU leadership together at the beginning of July in one of the most legendary meetings of the party’s history, to talk about a now forgotten question of fundamental importance, looked to shoot for hours waiting journalists on their Laptops in the press room of the penalty. Against 22.50 at a suddenly called with reference to his confidential source in the CSU-meeting room: “Seehofer back!” Shortly thereafter, another reported, to its source, supporting: “Seehofer has threatened to withdraw only.” Another added: “threatened? Offered! The prospect of!“

Timo Frasch

Political correspondent in Munich.

F. A. Z.

There is a nice book of the Arabist Thomas Bauer, in which he laments the loss of ambiguity. Although the world of nature as full of “ambiguity”, there is apparently “a modern Disposition to the destruction of diversity,” particularly because of the importance of diversity. The place of the various equality point of view, was a “Realitätshuberei” entered. The book is in 2018 appeared, but the author could not have known that even the master of ambiguity, Seehofer, is now apparently back or withdraw it seems. Nevertheless, the Text seems to be the Still-CSU-in-chief. As a result, Bauer argues that “the Contradictory, the love the Vague, the ambiguous, the Non-add attributable to the non-explainable as the normal case of the human existence, to respect it at least, maybe even to”.