A year after the Ibiza-affair – Strache with little ReueDer once leading right-wing populist Austrian one looks at the top – as he calls it – the new citizens ‘ movement and senses, thanks to the Corona-crisis his Chance.14 Kommentare14Heinz Christian Strache, as Vice-Chancellor of the Austrian freedom party, during a press conference in may a year ago on the future of the coalition after the publication of the “Ibiza-Videos” in the Federal Chancellery in Vienna. Photo: Helmut Fohringer/APA/Keystone

of all things, Heinz-Christian Strache wants to be the “guardian of the Constitution”. “We are not fit to the fact that the currently Powerful are up in this country it is too far.”

the crash of The economy and record unemployment in the Alpine Republic could be for the 50-Year-old is an ideal environment to place at the Landtag election in Vienna in October, with an exclamation mark. “So how have bound to right-wing populists of the modernisation-losers in themselves, can that be done also in the case of particularly badly affected Corona-losers,” says the political analyst Peter Filzmaier. Straches Comeback under the sign of an Overseer is remarkable.

“enough is Enough”

The Ex-Vice-Chancellor himself has damaged the confidence of citizens in the responsible use of the politicians with the Power in a spectacular way. 17. May 2019 published by “Spiegel” and “süddeutsche Zeitung”, the Ibiza Video. A more minute montage from hours of secretly filmed material that shows the former FPÖ leader in the summer of 2017, in a fateful conversation.

of These sensitive recordings from Austria’s Vice-Chancellor, resulted in a scandal that went beyond the borders of Austria.Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung

An alleged Russian oligarchs-niece, he seems to have in exchange for money-state donations to the party to promise jobs. Unpopular editors of the influential Tabloid Kronen Zeitung belonged to – “zack, zack” – to be replaced. Under these circumstances, a high result for the FPÖ at the elections for sure, so Strache. He even does its appearance as “bsoffene G’layer”. The history of the Videos is yet to be officially cleared.

“we are not. So Austria is not easy.” Austria’s Federal President, Alexander Van der Bellen practiced in the Ibiza Videos in damage limitation. The Video had triggered a political earthquake. With the words “Enough ended Chancellor and ÖVP leader, Sebastian is enough” Short of the last 18 months, the ruling coalition of Conservatives and right-wing populists.

Violent noise in the leaves of the forest: the media mirror to video affair of Heinz-Christian Strache.Photo: Hans Punz/APA/Keystone/APA

After the ten days duration of the crisis was not only the ÖVP-FPÖ government, at the end, but also through the first no-confidence vote in the Austrian history of his office of trust to be excused. The social-democratic SPÖ and the on the side of the political opponents of the ÖVP changed the FPÖ had the then 32-Year-old brought down.

The SPÖ, under Pamela Rendi-Wagner managed to thunder a political Penalty in the night sky of Vienna. On the evening of the EU elections on 26 October. May 2019 announced a poorly lit Rendi-Wagner, and the failure of no-confidence for the next day. The social Democrats in the EU election were held just once you a result, the ÖVP but significantly.

The announcement of the confidence vote in the evening of a lost EU election I immediately had the aftertaste of a bad loser, says Dr. filzmaier. “As the government bursts due to the largest political scandal and the largest opposition party crashes,” says the analyst in the light of the following Descent of the SPÖ.

return of the Green

A year after the scandal, the political landscape in Austria is re-sorted. The ÖVP formed after the elections in a coalition with the Greens. The short was. from the point of view of many international media from a of the right-wing populists are socially acceptable to one who has forged Europe in a coalition with exemplary character The Greens, 2019, not in Parliament, were able to celebrate their triumphant return to the political spotlight.

The FPÖ is descended from proud government partner to a party with only ten percent in the polls. The dispute with the because of party-damaging behavior excluded Strache fragmented the bearing on the right edge. In the old self-confidence Strache announced on Friday the launch of his party’s Team, HC Strache, the Alliance for Austria. “We see ourselves as a counter-weight and counter-movement to a completely out of control the current globalization of the world and a society that is ever more uprooted and more.” Strache wants to compete with the party in October at the state election in Vienna, and relies on the fear of poverty in the Corona-crisis. Also, the FPÖ has recognized that the fear of many people is less the Virus than the social decline and has launched a Petition against the “Corona-madness”.

In connection with the Ibiza-the Video, the Prosecutor’s office determines because of the suspicion of infidelity against Strache. Due to a in the autumn of 2019, the emergence of the expenses scandal – the leaders with rich content of private bills should be settled at the expense of the party – to determine the authorities on suspicion of infidelity. On 4. June needs to investigate Strache “on the alleged venality of the turquoise-blue of the Federal government” in front of the Ibiza-Committee of inquiry statements, any post-close Schacher at the time of the ÖVP-FPÖ coalition.

Strache denies misconduct. “I was too careless. And it annoys me immensely about myself, to be at the time, in this case gone. But I have a clear Conscience,” he told the station OE24. Its Occurrence on the island of Ibiza is to be seen in the sense of a self-reflection part is very critical, but he didn’t do anything illegal. The Only thing he ankreidet according to his own words, as a fault, is his resignation from the FPÖ-party leader. “He had very short, localised phases of repentance”, says Dr. filzmaier.


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