A Big Mac tastes around the world, like a Big Mac. The handles of the employees are clocked in and on all of the French fries with lots of salt. However, as uniform, as the American fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s, is not you. In particular, the Russian branch falls out of the concept. Unlike in many other countries, McDonald’s operated stores in Russia, a large part of the Franchise System.

The group has to perform not only the task to apply the chain, quality controls, and to collect license fees, but also operates more than 85 percent of the Restaurants in-house. This is not a significant Detail, which is reflected especially in the number of staff. With approximately 50,000 employees, the group is also one of the largest employers in Russia. The reasons for this special status of s would lie in the special history of McDonald’s in Russia, says Russia-chief Marc Carena.

20,000 jobs re-advertised

McDonald’s was the end of the 80s, one of the first foreign companies came to Russia. Shortly before the end of the Soviet Union, it was therefore unthinkable that a Franchise System. McDonald’s had to build not only Restaurants, but also has its own production sites, which meet the quality requirements, as well as its own supply chain to build on. This was unique in the history of the company. McDonald’s has grown in the past three decades and is one of the most important food plants of the Russians. In the 660 Restaurants every day, serves 1.5 million customers. Thus, McDonald’s dominated the market. Every fifth food that is not eaten at home, eating the Russians in the quick-service restaurant chain. Even more of the Load characterizes the coffee and ice cream business, where McDonald’s sells even a third of a Cup, and every third ice Cream.