Family stress and Corona Lockdown has charged women more than men households with school-age children were in the last few months under pressure. Including the mothers, have suffered, above all, a survey shows.Yannick Wiget2 Kommentare2Die children when Homeschooling support and at the same time self work: Many mothers had to make in the last months of this balancing act.Photo:

Today, the national Council debate on equality and the reconciliation of work and family. The theme is of the essence. Because whether you live in a household with children or not, has pandemic a significant impact on the workload during the Covid-19 -. According to a study by the Forschungsstelle Sotomo, which was given by the Swiss Federal office for equality between women and men (EBG) in order.

to have A quarter of the respondents living with children under the age of 16, together, were in March and April, due to Homeschooling and childcare and less capacity for employment. In may, it was even almost a third. Households without children felt hardly a change in the professional work load.

According to the study, the social Milieu plays a large role. The better the income is formed and the higher, the greater the perceived limitation of work capacity. The explanation: parents with less highly educated are more likely to activities which may not be from the home office done, and have fewer opportunities to make home, Homeschooling, and childcare.

in Addition, a significant difference between the sexes makes itself felt. The additional burden weighs more heavily on the shoulders of women than of men. While the schools are closed and complementary to the family children were in care limited, a third of women, the professional work have increased loads. On average, this value was in the last few months, almost 32 per cent. In the case of men, there were only 20 percent.

However, felt men with children and the increased support effort is mental just as stressful as women. Accordingly, the crisis had an impact on the mood in the house. Approximately every fifth Respondent reported to experience more tension and conflict than before the pandemic. Viewed over time, increased the proportion of men who took home more Stress, true, something, while it decreased for women with the time.

The analysis of Sotomo is based on the data of the SRG-Corona-monitor. The survey was carried out in four survey waves between the 22. March and 8. June 2020. On average, each around 30’000 people took part in a survey.

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