Culinary hike – the cheese over Stock and stone A cheese trail around Engelberg natural beauty combines with the palate. The Start and end of the Tour is the imposing Benedictine monastery. Ulrike Hark0 comments To”cheese”: of The total 45-Kilometer-long Trail leads from the Alpine cheese dairy to cheese (in the picture: Stäfeli).Photo: Oskar Enander/Engelberg-Titlis tourism

Anselm Swiss – “I am the Sälmi!” – standing in white apron and Crocs in his basement on the Gerschnialp and shows proud of the huge loaves Sbrinz, which Mature during the next few months on the Shelves. Closer you are to the cheese to the middle of nowhere. Cheese, the inhabitants of the Alps between June and October, grazing on the high Summer pastures-in-hand work to produce and its Aroma is so intense, because cows and sheep on the Alp only eat fresh Grass, clover and herbs.

“I’m the Sälmi”: Anselm Swiss presents on the Gerschnialp his excellent Alp Sbrinz AOP.Photo: Oskar Enander/Engelberg-Titlis tourism

Sälmi is an Original, he is the cheese makers of the Star among the angels, Berger, and it would in any mountain film bella figura. 300’000 pounds of cow and 30’000 pounds of goat’s milk processed during the summer months from the surrounding farms to Hard, semi-hard and goat cheese; his award-winning Alp Sbrinz AOP is almost more famous than he himself. “Sbrinz tastes much better than Parmesan cheese!”, Sälmi says. Parmesan cheese is just the perfect advertised Italian copy of the good old Swiss Sbrinzes.

Alpkäsen is mainly a matter of experience

The cheese on the Alp is mainly a matter of experience. The formulations to keep the cheese-maker for themselves, about what acid bacteria they are added to the raw milk, so this starts in a copper kettle at a warm 45 degrees, your metamorphosis to the cheese. After that Lab is added, the mass is the same as cottage cheese appearance. “I am the cheese by Hand with cotton cloth,” says Sälmi. This is old-fashioned, but beautiful. Other cheesemaker pumps the whey with the machine, before the cheese is pressed into round shapes, three weeks in a salt lake bobs up and down and then in different temperature-controlled cellars to ripen.

It is Sälmis 45. Summer here is up to 1300 meters. In the Winter he works at the mountain Railways, and in between, must be sold, the wheels of cheese. Here, too, the Alpine is celebrating its own way – he sells his goods exclusively on weekly markets, for example in Lucerne. 130 markets, he travels per year.

The coffee liquor, the us, the gmögige Sälmi to 11 p.m. served in his garden, is perhaps not such a good idea, because we already have a visit with Thomas Scheuber behind us, the offers on the Alp under trübsee interesting creations with Chilli and fenugreek.

There are the encounters with the cheese makers and the scenic beauties that make the Trail so interesting.

The way to the next Alp, the Alp Stäfeli, in front of the calves, therefore, longer than it actually is. But the Arnold family with their cows, sheep, goats, and 20 pigs is a Must on the track. It is the encounters with the cheese makers and the scenic beauties that make the Trail so interesting.

thanks to the Äbnet-But we have to overcome the following 300 meters of altitude to the Alp Surenen without a sweat drop. A quick phone call in the cabin and the small gondola floats up to Florence Spichtig. The young cheesemaker is employed by several farmers, to realise the value of as a co-operative dairy milk together, firmly. Not only the concepts of the Alpine farms are different, also the Canton boundaries change while on the trail. Here we are not on the Obwalden Chancellery, but on the urnerboden, near the surenen pass.

Overnight stay with a fantastic view

recently, the Alp has been the Surenen completely rebuilt and fit for the future. “For me, this is the ideal workplace,” says Florentin Spichtig and tells the story of the green electricity, with the shiny new operation is maintained. Every summer produces Spichtig many tonnes of cheese, particularly its Mutschli taste of us: a young cheese, only a few weeks old – creamy, mild, with a subtle acid.

Welcome grid: on-the-Go, there are several attractive opportunities to stop for refreshments (in the picture: Alp blacken Alp).Photo: Oskar Enander/Engelberg-Titlis tourism

Although you can strengthen during the trek in mountain pickling, make the evening the kilometres in the legs. The Night on the 1850-Meter high Fürenalp compensated with a fantastic view – here you can see the Titlis finally “back” –, Engelberg itself is under a blanket of thick Fog.

women’s power on the Alp Hüttismatt

We stay up and start the next Morning to a five-hour, a magnificent hike, which forced our knees a lot, to Ristis. Had you taken it just sticks! From Ristis in the brunni Bahn brings us, thank God for the small, fine Alp Hüttismatt. Here, women’s power is announced, Rosmarie Hurschler is one of the few cheese trays, and a high winning. Together with her husband, Edi keeps a herd of 21 dairy cows, the sale of the cheese go to the surrounding Restaurants and private customers.

Not only for walkers suitable for: All Alpine dairies are also Bike accessible.Photo: Oskar Enander/Engelberg-Titlis tourism

For the Alps blacken Alp, and long ground time is not enough this time. Maybe we will come back next Time with the Velo, because all dairies are also Bike accessible. So you could buy – regardless of a heavy backpack – the Älplern.

those Who missed the sheer Chat, can find all sorts of Einsiedeln at the end is still in the demonstration cheese dairy of the monastery. Here the Tour ends, and here it has begun – after a night in a former monk’s cells have been converted to friendly guest rooms.

The trip was supported by Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus AG.

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