children’s books don’t always tell only the nice stories of friendship and exciting adventures. They also tell time, Sad of sick children, of people living in poverty or even die. But from the prison? Have you ever read a book about the prison? Not! And because this is a really important and interesting topic, Monika Osberghaus, and Thomas Engelhardt wrote a book about it.

And that was not so easy, because the prison is still a taboo subject. But the two authors have dared to – and it’s a great book, not only for children. “In prison,” reads the subtitle: “A children’s book about life behind bars.”

of Course, sitting in this story for children from eight years of no child in prison, but an adult. Sina is eight when her dad Robert for three years to prison. He robbed a gas station, because he had a big pile of gambling debts. But what is it like in prison? How does it feel to have to live there? What the prisoners over the whole day, what is allowed and what is not?

Not a sad book

Actually, we want to know what it’s like in prison. And so we accompany Sina and Robert for over two years and learn a lot about the Prison life. Specifically, for example, what are allowed to take prisoners and what knife are of course taboo, but also umbrellas, chewing gum, nuts or ladies tights. Why? Yes, you can read! Or we know who is in prison, how Christmas is celebrated and what is a “release prisoner”.

packaged All of this information and the topics are in two stories. In Sina’s history, in which she tells of her life without a dad, and in Roberts ‘ story, which describes his Prison life. And fast-tracks two very important things: Robert is not an evil criminal, but a fairly normal man who has ever made a big mistake. And Sina is suffering under the imprisonment of her father, even as he is. She has the feeling to be punished, she is ashamed in front of their classmates, and suffers from the fact that your mother now has to work more to earn enough money for both of you.

However, this is not a sad book. With the colorful illustrations by Susann Hesselbarth together and with the very vibrant Layout. In addition, Sinas and Roberts story is relatively good. And we readers learn much that is New: for example, that it is not so safe is that the Criminals are in prison better people. Because they are there to unlearn the normal life and often overwhelmed when they come out again.

to Almost home, in the workplace

Monika Osberghaus and Thomas Engelhardt a great Team and also a Couple. Together they have also written the children’s book series “The wild midgets”. These nine books are the book a kind of “contrast” to the Prison, they are especially funny and entertaining. Serious issues in the lives of children stories, very quietly, the fun and the joy of reading (and Writing) predominate. The dwarves books were published under the Pseudonym of Meyer, Schulze, Lehmann, related to the fact that they appeared in the climbing children’s book publisher, Monika Osberghaus self-directs.

For three years, she is now even the owner of your publishing house, you bought it. A courageous decision that has paid off. Because the cunning and rebellious children’s books of your publishing house sell well – Monika Osberghaus has a keen sense for special topics, creative authors and illustrators. Life and work go on with her almost seamlessly, because she lives in the old Villa in Leipzig, the publishing house is at home. It feels good, because that’s the way you can in the morning – she is an early riser – a very early two hours “over there” to work, and then, if your employees come first, Jogging. And the two cats wandering back and forth from the Bowl in the flat for a sleeping place in the publishing house.