F. A. Z exclusive: pilots ‘ Union Cockpit joins executives Association


    Senior executives are not ordinary workers, as they must be in their function as loyal to the employer. You may choose from Law, works councils, and keep away from trade unions. The more interesting a new connection in the landscape of professional associations: The ULA, 1951 as the “Union Senior officer” founded in and is today the umbrella organisation of associations of managers, has gained a new member – as well strike ready known pilots ‘ Union “Vereinigung Cockpit” (VC). Like the F. A. Z. learned from the Stakeholders, has the ULA, the pilot’s Federation to the beginning of the year as 17. A member of their umbrella Association.

    Dietrich Creutzburg

    economic correspondent in Berlin.

    F. A. Z.

    “The attacks on the rights of service providers demonstrate through the Federal government, managers need strong arguments and broad alliances,” explained ULA-President Roland Leroux the new connection. Among the 16 members of the Federation about the Federation of insurance executives, the Federal Association of German people and operating landlords, the Volkswagen Management Association, and the Association of the accountant. The largest single member is traditionally the Association of Academic salaried employees in the chemical industry (VAA), which represents half of the total, so far, of 60,000 professionals and managers under the umbrella of the ULA. With VC’s 10,000 pilots are now added.

    “pilots are versatile executives, who interact day-to-day responsibility for the safety of passengers, crew and aircraft,” explains the VC-President Martin Locher remarkable step. “Pilots, such as senior executives, business decisions, and represent your company in Public.” The aim of both partners is “to show that we want to improve the living and working conditions of our members”.

    Nexus on the subject of co-determination

    Actually, the ULA, which translates your shortcuts today with “United Leaders Association,” sees himself not only as a Forum for the exchange of experience on managerial tasks, but also as a common representation of the interests of executives in the policy. 50 years ago, it has relied on this way, managers can participate with their own representatives to the employee participation in the company. The pilots, the lead currently, with the low-cost airline Ryanair a hard conflict over workers ‘ rights, also want to build on this and “Similar to the ULA, we don’t want to fight, especially in the case of the co-determination, German law, European eroded,” said VC President Locher.