ZDF two-parter beer Royal: Strongly brewed and confidently made using a bottom fermentation


    “do you Want the truth or a good story?” It is the eternal question of the colorful feathered journalism, this two-parter, but to be as old (and high current) of said contrast seems, does not deny that the times have changed. In Helmut Dietl, together with Patrick Süskind-created series “Kir Royal” from the year 1985, the tabloid media were a real instance on Munich’s polished parquet. What the in-crowd harassed at the time, Reporter Baby Schimmerlos to land only sort of up in the gossip press.

    So have moved the media realities that the Neuaufguss of the series of Carolin Otto (book) by Christiane Balthasar (Director) – is a fun way for the ebullient, beer-apart from producer Oliver Berben is a consistently female project compared to the masculine of Prosecco-the Original – not primarily from the perspective of the dazzling Glamour of journalism is told. But the gossip press (actually press) plays an important role. Ulrike Kriener out monster cobbled as a harried Society-reporter Renate Rottmann, an Ex-Marxist, the Schmonzetten since years, the upper class, and Thomas Loibl as your bravely against the spirit of the times anachronistic men sayings gurgel chief Constantin von Spreti, in his capacity of publisher of the “Morning Journal”, fill out their roles so brilliantly, that this secret dream of playing few but back to the center of the film.

    Delicious the first one is already coming together of the two. The “monkey-sharp reports” erpichte publisher, has summoned the reporter, devoted but then loving his Mango, which is hilarious, because it is in a myriad of Executive offices exactly. Later, the “red Renate not to come” nevertheless, “I am a Multitasker like you women. I can talk to and fruit peel.“ A new series in mind sounds von Spreti, “beer Royal” with the title: “Right, that’s how …” A documentary about Arnulfbräu to make the beginning. Just the family died off company of the Patriarch, and among the heirs best mood to Lord it does not seem just.

    Vicky Dawson (Lisa Maria Potthoff), the in America living daughter from his first marriage, did not sniff for no reason at all, that your cunning has turned genes mother-in-law (Gisela Schneeberger) on Testament. The second wife of Vicky’s arrival are already under the hop lying brewmaster, formerly his Secretary, in fact, receives 45 percent of the company, your irradiated son, Patrick (Franz Pätzold) as well as Vicky, a quarter have ever awarded, five per cent belonging to the workforce.