The path for Eckhard Forst to the office of President of the Federal Association of public banks seems to be free. At least the forestry, since November of 2016, Chairman of the Executive Board in the year 2002, the West LB, the split-off public funding institution, the NRW Bank has no real competitors from the camp of the country banks. As Rainer Neske, also in November 2016 Chairman of the management Board of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, the focus is Reportedly on his main job in Stuttgart and is not afraid of the many events in Berlin that brought an office in the Bank Association.

Hanno Mußler

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

in Addition, Neske, formerly the private customers Executive Board of the Deutsche Bank, with the often very large sensitivities of the public Bank group fremdelt. For example, if there are as of now in Hannover, offers for the struggling Nord LB from private investors, which are dismissed by most of the officials of the savings banks Finance group solely for political reasons harshly.

The President of the VÖB is free, because the previous VÖB-President Johannes-Jörg Riegler has received as a Board Chairman of Bayern LB in Munich on a new contract. If Neske would have had an interest in it, it would run probably on him. Because usually, the VÖB-President comes from the stock of the land Bank chiefs.

All the others, not made

during the financial crisis, many banks got into deep water, and their owners, the Federal States and savings banks, with additional capital based, had to be an exception. As it as not useful had to be occupied by this President, with his many public appearances with a country banker, took over from 2009 to 2013, Christian Brand, this Position, at that time Chairman of the Board of the baden-württemberg promotion institution, L-Bank.

2019 no boss of a major land banker as the VÖB-President is now again seriously considered: Neske does not want to, Michael Rüdiger (Deka), Herbert Hans Grüntker (Helaba) and Thomas Bürkle (Nord LB) lay down your main professional, for various reasons, expected to in the foreseeable future and are therefore more likely to not for the usual term of three years, VÖB-President.

So it boils down to Eckhard Forst, the head of the NRW Bank in Düsseldorf. Also, he has gained a lot of experience in Deutsche Bank: the teaching he made, in the largest German Bank in Dusseldorf. Later, the lawyer was in the corporate customer business of Deutsche Bank, for example in Paris and Bielefeld.