Giving in to promotions isn’t always a good idea. Although some supermarket offers are tempting, you still have to think practical: no need, for example, to drive more kilometers than usual for a few cents off on laundry. In addition, be careful when buying in bulk: avoid products that expire quickly or those that you will not need in the short term. In conclusion, use your judgment and common sense!

In the same logic, there is no point in buying everything in bulk. Your laundry detergent, for example, only has a shelf life of one year. Like your fabric softener, your bleach… So there’s no need to fill your shopping cart with it to save money or even avoid trips to the supermarket. This logic also applies to food products, which may go bad before you have had time to consume everything.

If you like to stock up, you can buy in bulk to freeze later. However, keep the maximum period during which your food can stay in the freezer:

Regarding non-food items, some can buy in bulk without any problem. Find out which ones in our slideshow below.