In the case of a large-scale control action has the police in Hesse, almost 80 load drivers due to high alcohol consumption the departure. Of the approximately 1200 on Sunday evening on highway rest areas, and Parking lots controlled by the Truck drivers 190 would have been under the influence of alcohol, informed the police headquarters Central Hesse in the night on Monday. In the case of 79 of them with more than 0.5 ppm had been measured, so the police to commencement of the prohibited travel.

were measured at a motorway service facility near Darmstadt, the driver of a nitric acid-loaded dangerous goods Transporter at 1.58 ppm. “For the drivers of dangerous goods transports, the 0.0 alcohol regulation is valid”, – stressed the police. Some of the other drivers breath alcohol were measured values of 2.29, and 2.51, 2.64 and 2.7.

to prevent travel, the official part of the Park’s claws and moved documents or vehicle keys. To the use of Parking spaces and rest were involved on Sunday night, around 250 police officers sites along highways.