A French father has won the EuroMillions MyMillion jackpot twice in the space of a few years: once in 2020, then in 2022. So in total the tidy sum of 2 million euros has been won. is found propelled on his account.

In 2020, when he came out of confinement, he was first of all incredulous when he realized that his draw was a winner. After checking, it’s euphoria.

The second time, the timing is even more comical: on the very day of his wedding, he learns that he has won the jackpot again, according to Yahoo.

Purchase of an apartment for one of his children, leisure, savings and honeymoon… These are the poles of expenditure of the first gain for the lucky winner.

For the future, the man is considering real estate investment, but does not say he is in a hurry to spend his money.

Curious detail: he confided that he intended to continue playing! Indeed, he believes that he has neither more nor less chance of winning than before. A valid argument, from the point of view of statistics.

He also claims to be in the logic of “never two without three”. Which is obviously nothing more than a saying.

Finally, we must keep in mind the fact that the chances of winning such games of chance are extremely minimal, regardless of the player’s liabilities… Especially since these games can cause addictive disorders in players.

Even if the most problematic gambling games remain online games and sports betting, the lotto or EuroMillions are nevertheless part of the problem.

Especially since we are witnessing an alarming development: a study by the Observatoire des Jeux showed that in France in 2019, “nearly 2 million players have an addictive behavior in scratch, draw or other sports betting”, almost double compared to 2014, as reported by TirageGagnant.com.