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resim 514

A new scam awaits you in terms of cold calling. And oversight could cost you dearly.

Lately, villains are surfing on the end of the copper network, announced for 2030, to sell their victims fake fiber optic subscriptions.

Several customers have thus reported to Orange that they have received fraudulent calls from unscrupulous scammers who have tried in every way to trick them.

Their technique? Make subscribers believe that they will soon find themselves without internet, because their copper network will be cut, in favor of the installation of fiber. Except that without a suitable subscription, they will not have access to it.

Thus, several people have subscribed, in a panic, to a subscription… which they will never actually be able to take advantage of.

In reality, there is no need to worry, however: if, by 2030, ADSL will be definitively abandoned and some operators have already started their migration to fiber, the evolution remains gradual and suppliers do not count deprive anyone of internet access.

In some areas, however, Orange has started to shut down ADSL, the operator intends to warn its competitors 2 to 36 months before the cut, so that they can organize themselves upstream with their customers.

In addition, notes Frandroid, all suppliers need the agreement of their customers to install optical fiber: if you want to devote ADSL, you are therefore perfectly able to refuse fiber, unless your home is already there. connected, or that you wish to change the offer.

If an unknown correspondent calls you making sure that you must urgently subscribe to a fiber contract (“in the next month”, the victims of his fraudulent calls have emphasized), be very careful, and ask your internet service provider before taking any steps.