Errors on retirement pensions: 6 elements that are harmful to you


“One in seven newly awarded pension benefits was affected by at least one financial scope error in 2021.” Here is what the Court of Auditors says in its report on the certification of Social Security accounts, presented this Tuesday, May 24. In a section devoted to the old-age branch, an annual report of the number of blunders noted during the liquidation of the basic pension is established.

In detail, last year, the funds of the old-age branch allocated more than 824,000 new benefits: 78% pensions and 22% derived rights (survivor’s pension, for example. To this are added 39,000 liquidations for In total, this represents 6.4 billion euros in additional annual costs.

As for errors on newly paid pensions, they fell slightly. One file in seven contains it, compared to one in 6 in 2020. The frequency continues, however, “to present a high level”.

According to the Elders of rue Cambon, three-quarters of these breaches are unfavorable to the insured. “Compared to the amount of benefits granted during the financial year, i.e. 5.8 billion euros, it implies a probable amount of errors of around 70 million euros” detail the financial magistrates.

Career data, residual errors, most affected regions… What shortcomings has the Court of Auditors been able to identify? Check them out in our slideshow below.