Fish recall at Système U: the list of stores concerned


When a product is checked, and it does not meet the standards, or the presence of a dangerous bacterium is detected, a recall procedure is initiated in the points of sale where it has been marketed.

This is often the case for foods like meat, cheese and fish. They are indeed at greater risk of contamination, because bacteria, such as Salmonella, “are housed in the intestines of vertebrate animals and are most often transmitted to humans through contaminated food”, specifies Medisite .

Recently, two batches of fish were recalled in several U stores across France.

They would have a histamine level higher than the norm, according to the Rappel Conso site.

The two batches are:

Around twenty U supermarkets are concerned across France. Discover the list in our slideshow.

If you have one of these products in your fridge, do not consume it, and bring it back to the store as soon as possible. You have until June 3 to get a refund.

The presence of histamine in fish can cause poisoning, which usually manifests itself quickly after consuming the product.

If you have already consumed the product, and you have the following symptoms: redness, swelling of the face, headache, feeling of heat or discomfort, associated with digestive disorders, consult a doctor without delay.

People with allergies are particularly at risk of developing this infection, which can lead to acute respiratory problems.