Faced with soaring gas and electricity prices, it’s time for savings and energy sobriety! There are many ways to reduce consumption, the best being to combine techniques, allowing you to glean a few kWh right and left, which will ultimately accumulate to make a real difference on your bill.

One way to radically reduce your energy consumption through heating is to renovate the insulation of your home. Several financial aids are available to you in this direction. Another technique, strongly recommended by the government itself, to reduce your energy consumption would be not to heat your home above 19°C this winter.

Reducing your use of certain devices or even shifting your consumption is not always easy. Plus, there’s no point saving blindly: you’ll be restricting yourself a lot for potentially very disappointing results. Monitoring your consumption closely and in detail allows you to adapt it intelligently, minimizing the impact on your daily life. .

Nothing better for this than the many smartphone applications available to you and designed to analyze in depth your energy consumption poles, and the costs associated with them. These applications have access to your data thanks to the open data policy of the Enedis and GRDF groups, according to Le Parisien.

You can therefore find below 5 applications that will allow you to follow your consumption to the nearest kWh!