“I’m not going into the shame!” Ratajkowski stated

Emily Ratajkowski said she almost didn’t upload photos from the CFDA Fashion Awards, because her abs would cause controversy.

Ratajkowski finally shared photos from the event which took place earlier in November to her Instagram account. She posted it Wednesday.

This outfit was designed by Miu Miu. Ratajkowski paired a cropped sweater with a collared shirt and a long, navy skirt.

“I almost didn’t post it bc it would cause controversy but it’s my body so I won’t be ashamed!” She captioned two photos taken at the event.

She concluded her caption by saying, “God Bless!”

Ratajkowski’s post comes after the publication of her first book, “My Body.” The book is a collection of personal essays by the model that explores Ratajkowski’s growing understanding of the commodification and abuse of the female body.

Ratajkowski stated in her introduction that any influence or status I have gained was only due to the fact that she appealed to men. My position allowed me to be close to wealth and power, and gave me some autonomy. But it hasn’t led me into true empowerment.

“That’s something that I have only now, after writing these essays and giving voice to my thoughts and experiences.”

The model doesn’t mind sharing photos of herself online. To promote Inamorata swimwear, she posts constantly in bathing suits. She also posted posed nude during her first pregnancy.

Ratajkowski was just 20 weeks pregnant at that time.