On Monday May 16, Jean Castex left Matignon and his place as Prime Minister. After three weeks of suspense, it is therefore to Elisabeth Borne that Emmanuel Macron has decided to give the reins of government.

The 61-year-old woman is not at her first attempt: she has indeed held several ministerial posts throughout Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term.

If this role is an opportunity for his political career, it will also allow him to increase his monthly salary. So far, his work as a minister, whether at the Ministry of Transport, Ecology or Labor, has allowed him to receive an allowance of 10,000 euros every month, reports Capital.

His new position at Matignon will now allow him to receive 15,000 euros per month, and therefore increase his income by a third. This sum is far from negligible but remains however lower than what it touched before joining the government of Edouard Philippe.

Indeed, our colleagues report that when she was CEO of the RATP, Elisabeth Borne received a much higher salary, since it amounted to 323,500 euros net per year, or approximately 27,000 euros per month.

Thus, in 2017, Elisabeth Borne had two apartments. One in Paris worth 576,000 euros and another in Hauts-de-Seine estimated at 410,000 euros. Likewise, she had about 200,000 euros spread over several bank accounts.

The Prime Minister should submit a new declaration of assets to the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life in the coming days, which will allow this data to be updated.