Ed Sheeran: I’ve stuck binge food until you vomit and hate my appearance


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The musician, best-selling Ed Sheeran has revealed that its “personality very addictive” led him to eating and drinking alcohol to “get sick” , during the early years of his success, especially between the years 2014 and 2015. What has been done in an online conference on the anxiety, which has also said that it has suffered “panic attacks” and that he came to hate his appearance.

“I Thought, ‘what’s the point?’ I became very dark, in plan, ‘what do I do here? What’s the point?'”, confessed to the artist, ensuring that his wife Cherry was the one who helped him to follow a healthier lifestyle . “She does a lot of exercise, so I started to run with it. Eating pretty healthy, so I started to eat fairly healthy. Don’t drink much, so I didn’t drink. It changed everything”.

In an interview with documentary filmmaker James Sebastiano, Jr,the artist has delved into the topic. “I stayed awake and drink all night and then slept on the bus . The buses remained parked beneath the sands and I slept there the whole day, then woke me up and saldía, did the show, I drank, I came back to the bus… I didn’t see the light of the sun for about four months. Everything is fun and games in the beginning. Everything is rock and roll, and then starts to get sad. It was probably the lowest I’ve been, and when I have gotten. Take a glass of wine is something to drink with moderation and will likely not affect your day the next day. But two bottles of wine you’ll probably get pretty sad “, says Sheeran, which gives more details about his obsession with food: “they Used to call me “Teddy two dinners”, because I used to order two meals and eat them. Then you start to gain weight and you hate the way you look”.

Sheeran has explained that he began to reflect on these problems of addiction after reading the autobiography of Elton John , with whom he shares representation agency. “There are many things that he did, and I also did. For example, he could eating an ice cream as a whole, and four desserts for after vomitarlo all . That I’ve done” .

Ed Sheeran and Elton John – ABC

And that is for that young of Halifax, reaching the top, it was an experience of what is most confusing : “it Sounds strange to say it, but I really don’t feel anything. One would think that it would be like, ‘A-ha! This is all. What I have achieved. Oh, my God!’, but you end up and you’re like … ‘Well, what do I do now?'”.

he has Also spoken of the reasons for the removal undefined announced last year: “You can feel when the public says: ‘we have Already had enough. One of the important things in the industry is knowing when to not just take a break, but also give the public a break”. And this is how he discovered his passion for painting : “I Thought: ‘I should Probably try to find something else to give me happiness. There are so many movies that you can watch and packets of Monster Munch you can eat… So basically I bought thirty canvases and I painted a canvas a day for thirty days, and was very fun.” The musician believes that her paintings have the style of impressionist abstract Jackson Pollock, but ensures that there will be none for sale: “I do Not sell my art. I love to do so. No one else needs to juzgarne”.

Another topic in the same interview is the people that has taken advantage of its success : “When you have success and you find money, soon the people will become strange to you. This meant that family members became strangers, and friends will fight with me and the people I work with I stole. It is not the key to happiness. Fame is an enhancer of the insecurities of everyone else. The number of people with whom I no longer speak because it was weird…”. Its success also led to panic attacks “in the subway and on airplanes, in supermarkets… It’s a paranoia strange that I have, I think that you all are going to be horrible, when people often be kind”.

An exhibition about his career

The british singer is also currently on the grounds more happy. One is the inauguration of a photo exhibition on her career in the mansion Christchurch Ipswich (United Kingdom) , which will open to the public only to family groups and with previous reservation. The exhibition includes works by the portrait artist Colin Davidson and the documentary photographer Mark Surridge, who accompanied the singer on one of her world tours.

on the other hand, in another recent interview Sheeran wanted to show their support to the health of british public , the National Health Service (NHS), ensuring that despite his fortune, is still going to their centers. “It is the backbone of the country, and I hope that some day you receive the investment that it requires,” he says in an essay written for the book “Dear NHS: 100 Stories to Say “Thank you”, which features many of the stars that reflect on their own experiences with the National Health Service.