To calculate the amount of your retirement pension, your pension fund uses the information provided about your professional career. However, it is possible that the amount is incorrect: it is then necessary, as soon as possible, to make a request for rectification to repair this error, which can have serious consequences. How to set up this complaint procedure?

When you retire, it is necessary to submit a request to your pension fund in order to liquidate your rights. After completing this request, your pension fund then calculates your pension amount. If, at the time of your first payment, you notice an error about this sum, it is essential to report it quickly. In the event that certain periods of activity have not been declared to your pension fund or have not been taken into account, you must contact the Amicable Appeals Commission within two months of the announcement of the amount of your pension. It will be mandatory to provide the necessary documents for your request to be accepted.

If you have forgotten to declare certain amounts necessary for the calculation of your retirement pension, you can claim a revision of your pension, even if its total has been validated or if the contestation period has passed. Your supporting documents will allow you to recalculate the amount of your pension, but also to obtain reimbursement of arrears up to N-5. In the context where the Amicable Appeals Commission does not respond to your request, you can continue your action by filing a request with the Social Security Affairs Court.