After a long morning of Tuesday, the road and traffic conditions sat night with a lot of problems. Due to an overturned truck with a flammable liquid, to the E19 motorway, Brussels-Mons is fully closed, at Maisières, the county’s emergency plan has been declared. An accident in Kruibeke, and the Antwerp ring road and affected the traffic in the direction of Antwerp and discomfort.

A truck drove Wednesday morning at about 5.30 a.m. to work on the E19 motorway, Brussels-Mons, at the height of the Maisières. The truck was turned upside down, and so it was, with a potential for a flammable (but non-toxic) liquid, which is still a loss. The highway was at least up to the beginning of the afternoon in both directions are shut down, there was a perimeter set up. The fire department has a piece of absorbent foam is applied, according to the police. There will be a Wednesday, the major traffic problems are expected to: – directors are given the board in the place of the incident is to be avoided, there are diversions put in the bank.

in Paris, a detour is inserted through the exit to the Mountains East of the R5a into the Mountains. At Brussels, board members asked for the car to leave at the exit marked Nimy-Maisières onto the N552 direction of Obourg. The N6 motorway is also closed in both directions between mile markers 50 and 51. The recommended route from Brussels to France, it is in the A8/E429.

The town of Mons, in the course of the morning, the municipal emergency plan was declared. As a matter of precaution recommends that the city and its residents, and motorists in the vicinity of the windows and doors are closed and the ventilation off in the house and in the car. The area is situated on the boundary of the Violet crossing at Nimy, to the junction of Rue Grande and Rue des Épinois in Maisières.

in the neighbourhoods of Antwerp

as the result of an accident in the North of Antwerp, are two lanes of traffic blocked on the ring way around Antwerp, and is the result of an accident in Kruibeke are also available on the E17 motorway in the direction of Antwerp is blocked. Also, there has been a diversion put in the bank.

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