A Colombian man wants to prevent his ex-girlfriend to tie the knot and take this desperate action as they are already well on the way to the church. While he was there – that, to him, encouraging, cheer – for-itself has become the blushing bride of not to be convinced. The scene was straight out of a romantic movie, have run away, but this time without a happy ending, at least for the most of the love the man on the motorcycle.

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The height of the drama? The Ex-boyfriend crashes the wedding in a wedding dress:

This is what might happen if you do not have the dress code on your wedding invitation lists

the Wedding is turning out to be a disappointment: the bride be a crack for the eye of friends and family in tears when the cake is fake, it appears:
find out More about that by any chance? The king of camouflage: stunning images reveal how the octopus and its prey, for the fool loves to Luxecruise to fall into the water, the planned destinations are cancelled, the excellent food and facilities, let down Zaalvoetballer kicks the opponent to KO with a brutal karatetrap on the main Pair is cute, discovery, beneath their balcony, “Here is a number of 2”