Leadership crisis in Japan Due to Corona Abe comes anTrotz scandals and criticism of Japan’s Premier was elected again and again. However, the Corona-crisis could cost him the office.Thomas Hahn from Tokio0 KommentareSo were bad, his poll values for a long time: Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.Photo: AP

Long Shinzo Abe (65) could hurt a little. But now it is something different. Polls by Japanese Newspapers showed for Abe approval of 27 to 29 percent. In Japan, it is believed to Pay. Some wonder whether he will bring his tenure to an end, which officially lasts until September 2021.

Abe is, since 2012, the Prime Minister, and he can claim to have Japan, a new stability brought. That’s why he was elected again and again. Scandals and criticism of his right-wing conservative politics, he could sit out with the help of his friends in the party and society.

Japan makes little Corona-Tests

But now, the Coronavirus is from the Management of the Japanese government unsettled the people. The number of new infections is to stay after seven weeks of a state of emergency with Access to the Home, keep your Distance and wear a Mask, although again very low. It die still relatively few Japanese in the lung disease Covid-19. But how is the Coronavirus spread really is, no one knows, because Japan’s government is still relatively little testing.

again and again, it is reported that people get a Test for the Coronavirus, because of the health authorities, no approval. Independent experts have repeatedly pointed out that you miss most of the cases without or with only mild symptoms. In addition, Abe hesitated, even with the emergency Declaration, as the case numbers are already greatly increased and some prefectural governments, pressure made.

masks had mould and other defects.

The dissatisfaction with the Corona-politics has made the people even more sensitive to other scandals. For example, for the matter to state’s attorney Hiromu Kurokawa, to be a friend of Abe. Abe wanted to put the pension age up, so that Kurokawa can stay longer in the state service. Last week, Kurokawa resigned after a magazine had revealed that he rules in spite of distance with the other money had played.

This expensive came, even if well-intentioned mistakes, such as the state Mask send to all Japanese households. Tens of thousands of ill-fitting cloth masks were recalled because they had mold and other defects. The “Abenomask” has become a Symbol of crisis management, the political activism of scientific rationality trumps.

in Between First Lady Akie Abe was caught in a group tour exactly against the rules to Covid-19-prevention banished, had urged her husband previously. The Premier himself campaigned in such a way to remain stiff for at Home that you accused him of inaction.

Expensive support packages against the recession

Abe, it is said, once had the Plan, after having successfully staged the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo to hold elections, to take advantage of the good mood for yourself. Now the games are moved to 2021, and his polls, he seems to be able to hardly make up.

He tried it with a historically expensive aid packages to counter the recession, Japan already before the pandemic zuschlitterte. Nevertheless, the names of possible successors are circulating for a long time. Four Abe had named at the end of December itself. Abe’s critics would prefer the former defence Minister Shigeru Ishiba at the top of the government party, the LDP, because the talks themselves again and again to the Prime Minister to resist.

There’s a saying in the party, he had plenty of allies. But Ishiba senses seems to be an opportunity. “Post-Abe-people, among whom I, too, have been asked to make new strategies,” he said recently at a press conference, and smiled. It seems to like it that Shinzo Abe is just weak.

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