A Berlin Waldorf school rejects the admission of a child to a AfD members and has triggered a fierce debate. Meanwhile, Berlin’s education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) turned on. The Senate school administration will ask on (this) Monday to an opinion of the Education authority, a spokeswoman said. Senator Scheeres see it “very critical”, you should choose a school according to the political attitude of the parents, whether a child will be recorded.

the child of The AfD members visited along with a sibling, the Waldorf Kindergarten that belongs to the school. According to a report in the “Berliner Zeitung” should already be in place for months, a dispute in which parents and teachers were against the inclusion of the child.

“To find an amicable solution to the conflict, struggle – she could not be reached,” said the managing Director of the Association of the newspaper. “In the face of this conflict, the school sees no possibility of the child with the necessary objectivity and impartiality – both of which are basic requirements in order to promote the development of the child adequately.”

The Senate education administration, said that in principle, private schools could decide for themselves which students to take. However, the General equal treatment act applies in Berlin. There it says, among other things, the act of wanting to prevent “discrimination on the grounds of (…) belief and eliminate it”.

The AfD’s Deputy does not want to be with and his name is called, also to protect the children. For him, the school attendance of his children was a private and not a political issue, it said.